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Classy Dame Classic
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    An older design for an older guy. (partial repeat from post in Community Polls)

    The poll asked for the distance between one's "sweet spot" to "Court Center." I'd never measured but knew that Dame Classic was a superior fit for me rather than my stable of tools (SGX, MGX, Helix, Maximus & Progasm) that have the p-tab placed closer to the anus.

    A month ago I purchased a Classic (from HIH). By the second session with Dame Classic I begin to think I had sneaked into an older brother's or my Dad's toybox and borrowed a 'big guy's' tool. The tab was 'spot-on.' (for those who have never tried a Classic, everything that hangs out is BIG. Large comfy p-tab, and gigantic tail. Much like having a large plastic spider in one's crotch. The tail delivers on some Kundalini effects like the k-tab on Progasm or Vice

    It was like replacing all the front end parts in an old car. "Road wander" was gone and along with that, 'nose wag' up inside is at a minimum ! This classy dame measures 2.25 inches from the anal bullseye to the mid point on the p-tab. Most of my other tools are 1.5" or 1.75" from bum-center to p-tab. So now I know. My sweet spot is very close to my nut-sak and, HOW SWEET IT IS !