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Where is Your Sweet Spot?
  • View Poll Results: How far away from your anus is your sweet spot located? Voters: 9

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    0.5 inches 0 0%

    1 inch 8 88.89%

    1.5 inches 6 66.67%

    2 inches 6 66.67%

    2.5 inches 3 33.33%

  • How far away from your anus is your sweet spot located?
  • [QUOTE=liquidflow;101420]How far away from your anus is your sweet spot located?

    i get my "spots" mixed up like crazy!! ...

    if the "sweet spot" is perineal

    i'ts mebbe an inch in front of my asshole - more on the right side of my dickroot than the left.

    my "GEE" spot i guess is on my distal frenulum pretty close to my cum slit ...

    and my ?"BOYSPOT" is under my navel in the pubic forest where hansel and gretel drop the bread crumbs

    ... actually pretty far down and close to where my boner attaches to my body.

    ya wanna know the truth?

    ... i gotta shitloada spots on my body that drive me fuckin' NUTS - love explorin' and lookin' for ALL of 'em!

    - rip
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    Tks Liquidflow for a valuable query. Despite many moonths here, I had no clue. I voted for two inches butt now know that I'm closer to 2.5 inches than I am to 1.5 inches. A 2.25" choice might tighten up the results a bit.

    A month ago I purchased a Classic (from HIH). By the second session with Dame Classic I begin to think I had sneaked into an older brother's or my Dad's toybox and borrowed a 'big guy's' tool. The tab was 'spot-on.' (for those who have never tried a Classic, everything that hangs out is BIG. Large comfy p-tab, and gigantic tail. Much like having a large plastic spider in one's crotch. The tail delivers on some Kundalini effects like the k-tab on Progasm or Vice

    It was like replacing all the front end parts in an old car. "Road wander" was gone and along with that, 'nose wag' up inside is at a minimum ! This classy dame measures 2.25 inches from the anal bullseye to the mid point on the p-tab. Most of my other tools are 1.5" or 1.75" from bum-center to p-tab. So now I know. Sweet spot is very close to my nut-sak and, HOW SWEET IT IS !
  • I have two. One's about an inch inside and the other's at about 3 inches.
  • MIne is somewhere between 1 and 1.5. Since most of the models have a p-tab that is 1.75, how do you guys make do? Do you alter (somehow) the device or is the perineum part of the equation not that important? Thanks in advance!
  • The remarkable thing about my aneros journey continues to be the doors of discovery that keep opening! Before my journey 2.5 years ago, I didn't even know a "sweet spot" even existed --- let alone several! I am now taking advantage of many sweet spots as a part of my regular external prostate massage and aneros sessions. I start out with the area just above my bush zone, progress with just my two middle fingers down into the depression just above my penis, and move to the tried and true sweet spot an inch in front of my anus. Just lately, I've been placing the palm of my right hand firmly on my perineum, with the wrist end covering my anus and my middle finger pressed into the spot at the base of my scrotum, with amazing results! Activating these various sweet spots sets an on-going series of orgasms into motion --- truly a special way to coast off to sleep in the middle of the night. To add a whole new dimension of joy, I'll bring one of my well-moistened middle fingers down my butt crack and slide it into my anus full depth. By then, my prostate is dancing in a mutlitude of ways; and, I'll press the fingernail side of my finger firmly up against my prostate. The resulting contractions and orgasms enfold my finger allowing me to feel each beat of my pulse. SLOWLY sliding my finger out through my anal rings gives great cause for me to rejoice in my manly creation --- my God IS an awesome God! Psalm 139
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Mine is precisely two thirds of the distance from the center of the anal sphincter opening to the rear of the scrotum where the skin turns down to hang from the perineum and thus, with that total distance being 2.5 inches, the sweet spot is one and 2/3's inch up from the anus--precisely where the P-tab of my Eupho digs in during a strong involuntary. Just one of a number of fascinating discoveries since staring with this a couple years ago. And as with STARR831's quote from the Psalmist, we are awesomely and wonderfully made!
  • ltgltg
    Posts: 36
    Mine is about right where the tab on the Helix is, right on the top of the perineum cord.  Often the tab slips off to one side and my pleasure goes down a big notch.  When I move it back on top of the cord, feels much better. 
  • Never have found the so called "sweet spot"