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  • rook September 2011
Shape and Sizes.....
  • I'm not sure if this was posted, but something sprang into my mind a minute ago when I was writing a blog about getting a new Aneros because I feel that the one that I have isn't touching my spot as I had hoped and felt that a different one could do the job. Anyway, with that being said, we all know that a lot of women can't achieve orgasm alone vaginally and they require some sort of other stimulation to help them along, typically being clitoral. Well she might not have vaginal orgasms with one partner, but can have them with a different one. Every man is built different when it comes to penis size and shape. Therefore when she finds a penis that fits her right, she can achieve what she's been longing for. She could probably achieve it with the other guy too, but it will probably take a longer time before she figures out how to make it work for her. Or become frustrated and give up.

    So in relation to that, would you say it's the same when picking an Aneros or having one for a while that you can't just quite master yet??

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Consider textures as well as shape and size. In an earlier life my g/f experienced some phenom orgasms when we used a natural skin condom,

    Sometimes I use condom method lube with an SGX (really jumps around in there) and the sensations are better with a "her pleasure" condom.