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How often do you stimulate your nipples during a session?
  • View Poll Results: How much nipple stimulation do you do? Voters: 17

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    Constantly play with them 16 94.12%

    Only at the beginning of the session 2 11.76%

    Every few minutes 5 29.41%

    The middle of the session 4 23.53%

    Other (please explain in comments) 5 29.41%

  • For those guys that include nipple stimulation during a session, I am curious to know how often you are playing with them. I tend to start playing with them once the involuntary contractions start, and pretty much continue touching them throughout the session. I am thinking now that too much stimulation is causing me to have HFWO instead of getting to the Super-O.
  • David;

    I play with my left nip to get sessions off to a fast start. Once my prostate engorges I don't need to stimulate the nip anymore.

    Best Regards,

  • Thanks Ten, I just tried a new approach with my nipples. I only touched them occasionally during my session, which engorged my prostate and made for great pleasure and longer lasting dry orgasms and close to the super-o sensations that I have have glimpses of. Thanks for your input
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176
    Ten. What does a swollen prostate feel like? How long did it take for this to happen after stroking your nipple when you learned this technique? Tell us poor underlings more. Thanks.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    A swollen prostate can feel like a need to pee, or later as a little ball of sparks and fizzing, or both at the same time. I'm being slowly teased by mine at this very moment.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    I stim my nips several times throughout a session. I "flick" them with my fingernails a couple of dozen times. That almost always leads to Dry O's and sometimes Super O's. They were never very sensitive. But now after becoming a MMO, they are a key factor in my orgasmic journey.

  • I usually wait until I am going to stim them. Then I tweak and pinch them every five seconds or so for twenty minutes then I will quit for 5 minutes allowing the spasms to drift. Then repeat the cycle again for 20 mins. I will do this for the whole two hours that I usually go. I have to time the stim to be in between spasms to boost the spasms.

  • Hello, Turnrow.

    When my prostate engorges, the swelling makes it feel like I have a small, warm object in my rectum. There is also a slight "buzzing" in the area which feels like low-level e-stim. Following that, small involuntary movements start pulsing, with or without an Aneros inserted.

    I started nip stim after reading about it on this website. The effect was immediate and very surprising. Note that only my left nipple has an effect on my prostate. The right one seems disconnected despite my wife's attempts to wake it up.