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  • View Poll Results: What have you experienced Aneros-less? Voters: 47

    You may not vote on this poll

    Nothing 3 6.38%

    P-waves 27 57.45%

    Mini Orgasms 21 44.68%

    Dry Orgasms 16 34.04%

    Super Orgasms 17 36.17%

    "Calm" Orgasms (sustained mild supers) 12 25.53%

    Hands free wet orgasm 1 2.13%

    Super traditional orgasm 1 2.13%

    Butt Buzz 18 38.30%

    Prostate Buzz 29 61.70%

  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    What prostate feelings have you experienced Aneros-lessly?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great question/poll brine!! :D :D

    Although I have great anal-prostate fun with ICE, VICE and/or Max now for my BPH therapy sessions, including very nice run-ups of dry-Os to Super-Os multiples before switching to the Super-T finale, almost all my other sessions, greater in numbers, are now anerosless, and still taking me higher and into new realms.

    SO, ignoring "nothing", I voted for everything except Super-Ts, and "ONLY solo". I DO get everything you have listed positive, both solo and with dear Mrs. a!! And I am very very grateful for all of this!!

    I also therefore voted for "Something else", and so here elaborate: many forms of spiritual orgasms, almost every one unique and many "beyond words...", numbers of them beginning in Floating Bliss, Calm Seas, and variants, and then really taking off out of this world. These include through-the-body-travel and meeting a presence to interacting with a presence. Virtually all of these have been anerosless, with a few exceptions. Allied to these spiritual expansions, there has also been the development of the exchanging energies at-a-distance experiments and emerging practice, now shared with increasing numbers of Anerosians.

    The whole thing, looking back over the past four and a half years in mixed Aneros/KSMO/ Tao practice, both solo and couple, has been so thrilling and humbling, life-strengthening and health-giving, that all the benefits and the sensations and enhanced sensibilities all seen together are unbelievable and overwhelming. They have happened in their own small steps until they have blossomed beyond any expectations. And it just keeps growing and giving and sharing...

    all the very best to all who find their way through p-waves into the land of the Anerosless the very best way being via prostate awakening through the aneros experience all

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I've only just started to get some experiences "without". My very first was on Sunday afternoon. On Sunday night, I lost count after the fifth chained mini-O.

    I've not voted in the poll, as I expect my response is likely to change in the coming weeks, as I gain experience.

    -- EDIT --
    Another set of chained mini-Os this evening, with the hint of a something very much bigger lurking in the background. In one of the sessions earlier this week was the beginnings of a Calm Seas O -- a P-Wave washed up and down my spine a few times before fading.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Great comments, gents.

    It will always be impossible to "cover all the bases" when asking about the awakened prostate experience. I wonder if there is ever going to be an end to the variations and levels and tangents of our collective journey. My initial response is, "no." It seems as limitless as the extent of the universe itself. I am personally seeing logarithmic growth/change/movement as a "rewired" man. To share this with each other allows us each to discover the possibilities, and exercise the freedom to enjoy them.

    The very best to you all in your discoveries of the magnificence of this life tour.