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at long last....
  • madmickmadmick
    Posts: 58
    I've had my aneros for about 8 or 9 months now.
    It was an early xmas prezzy to myself.
    Have been using another aneros site or should i say the unofficial aneros website?
    I did'nt know anything about this site till someone mentions it.
    I've had 2 excellent sessions since i got it,
    and they were early on in my new hobby.
    Sadly i've not had such results for ages.
    Well at least i know it works.
    This is somewhat of a dilemma for me.
    Relaxed or alert ?
    I believe i'll have to be in between.
    I can see this being a once a blue moon super 'O' for me,
    but then again i've got the rest of my life to practice, i'll put my early achievements down to beginners luck.
    To be honest i got the aneros to ease my haemorrhoids. I could put the ointment on it and let it soak in.
    I hate sticking my finger up my ring,
    well wthout toilet paper.
    The other reasons i bougnt one is because i read they are good for the man gland, a good plus point.
    I got the idea for buying an aneros when somebody mentioned
    having asteroids on this other website.

    Alot of the guys seem to have issues at 1st about stuffing something up the nipsy, thinking it a gayish thing.
    If thats the case if you wank yourself off, does that make you gay?
    Well you are touching a penis albeit your own :)
    I'm not strictly hetero as i've had a few fumblings with a male or two when i was a lot younger.
    I'm from Eire (Southern Ireland) which is a strict (or rather was) catholic nation.
    It's not as bad now, but in the 70's when i was growing up i think they gaoled gay folk,
    thankfully things have eased .
    There's the old jokes from way back that smugglers used to hide condoms in smack & crack.
    I did say it was an old one.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Fáilte! I'm from a similar background myself.
  • madmickmadmick
    Posts: 58
    Ah. Old blighty.
    Used to go there every 2 yrs in the 60's and early 70's to visit relys.
    Then they'd visit us on alternate years.
    Was only there last week for a funeral.
    It was an hive of activity with all the cops with all the riots.
    Still not like Ulster every july. Just school kids throwing stones.
    Like in Belfast it's petrol bombs, bullets and the good old carbombs!!!