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How long can you keep it inside? whole day?
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    I just used my new toy three times. I love it.

    The second time, I fell asleep after a while. When I came to, it had been inside me for about three hours. I pulled it out. I seem to be fine.

    I wonder how long I can wear it without causing damage. How can I wear it all day long during my normal daily life? I sit on my butt all day typing into a computer.

    Should I get a butt plug or cut off handle of Aneros?

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Unfortunately, no direct answer.
    -- Health and Comfort: Depends on your choice of lube and how fast you absorb that lube. Figure 2 hrs for a water based lube, 4-6hrs for a combo of Vaseline & vege oil or silicone. If you have a lot of bending, lifting or movement in your "normal daily life," you might bruise yourself internally. YMMV and it's your bod that's at risk!
    -- Safety & Employment: If it's a Peridise it should be OK in any setting. If it's a Prostate toy, it's not safe to drive or place yourself in a situation where you could embarrass or kill yourself with vision impairment or an "unusual" pyscho-motor response. See -- --.

    During intense orgasm some of us display some pretty wild involuntary responses. And, to someone who isn't clued in, it may look like an epileptic seizure. The athletic gent who wrote the 'Don't Drive' thread lost most of his vision while on the road.
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    After reading the forum, I figure that Peridise might be my answer.

    At mean time, I'm looking for alternative since I just ordered another Aneros Eupho. I want to give it a try first before I jump on Peridise.

    This morning I tried a butt plug that I didn't even remember that I had for a long time without using once. Damn, it's was too big to push in. I gave up.

    I searched my tool box. I found a brand new anal beads size of huge garden peas. I lubed it well and inserted the beads one by one.

    So far so good.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 876
    Hello, hydrogen.

    Regarding how long you can keep an Aneros device inside you, opinions vary. The manufacturer does not recommend sleeping with it in, ever. There are threads on this topic in the forum. Search on "sleeping."

    I'm one of the users who sleep with Aneros inserted every night. I alternate between Vice, Eupho and Peridise (smallest one). The lube system for this practice must be durable. The only thing I've found that is sufficient is Vaseline covered with Olive or Walnut Oil.


  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    Thanks for the reply.

    After more reading on this forum. I decided to try some soundtrack. Luckily I found some free samples from rumelsounds link. I responded most to the female sex moaning. It really get me going. I'm just a noob. I'm not getting super O yet. I just enjoy the sensation down.

    I searched online for more female sex moaning. I found some piece at soundsnap. I play this one and orgasm from rumelsounds. I got higher sensation. Some muscle down there automatically moved to the moaning sound.

    I guess I'm very heterosexual. The mere sounds of woman breathing got me going. I think a multiple woman moaning sound tract may work better for me: a group of woman moaning the chorus in sync and some random loud moaning from one or two high pitched woman.

    I feel like a teenager just discovered the pleasure of masturbation.