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  • Kev July 2011
My very super-O!!!! :D
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    Hey, guys!

    WOW!!! This is the best thing happened to me for a long LONG time!!!! :D Thanks so much for the people who invented the Aneros!!!!!!!!!

    I bought my MGX about a month ago and I just had a week break of using it. After the break I somehow realized how to control (and not control) my body shakes and how to use them to get your body even more relaxed/more aroused. During the last two days my sessions have been INCREDIBLE! and today my second session was just unbelievably and ridiculously satisfying!!! The first one took about two hours and the second one just about for an hour but the whole time my body was electrified and shaking.. the Aneros felt warm and filling and during the shakes it started to bounce involuntary (which feels SOO GOOD!!!) I love the feeling of gasping your breath, moaning and crying the get even more pleasure out of it on the way to the climax (though I love also the non shaking parts of the sessions when you can just enjoy squeezing your prostate to produce differently satisfying feelings :D) Now I'm so hooked to this!

    BTW: Olive oil + some water works as a great lubricant :D
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    I will get my HELIX tomorrow!!!! CAN'T WAIT! :D