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What are peoples feelings when they compare their aneros's?
  • Hay all :-)

    I own just one aneros, namely the Maximus and it was a tough choice to make when I had never uesd one b4, kinda like trying to choose a car when youve never evern driven one b4!

    After alot of chats with my girl helping me make the right decision I decided on the Maximus for a couple of reasons The Eupho seemed too pokey. the Helix seemed too small and the MGX+SGX didnt look to have a shape that would cup the prostate well enough. What I wanted something that would cup and cover he prostate very well but I considered the progasm to be too big when i've never really done anyting like this b4 especialy the very end right by the handle. I thought it was too big and id rather my actual ring wasnt being forced to stay open all the time so I went with the Maximus based on those decisions with alot of help from my girl :-)

    Thing is, I own just this one and when it arrived it had a pyramid type effect on the lump after the initial rounded end which I thoguth "hmmm, thats gonna keep slipping either side of my prostate :-/ " and I kinda feel that it is sometimes :-( There are no side views of the aneros's so im curious, do they all have that stickign out part on the lump?

    To those that own more than one, what would you consider to be the plus's and the minus points with the ones you own? Which ones or do they all sit on your prostate perfectly fine? Do any seem to "work" better for you personaly and why? Understandilby PC muscle strength would be a consideration when looking at the progasm for instance but mine are pretty strong as i work on them daily to keep my cock nice n hard for my girl :-)

    Thx alot for ya time :-D
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    First thought is, "don't sweat this." Here's why:

    Know were you are cumming from on this one. Early in my journey I once considered buying a progasm just to carve a grand grouve down the front to straddle the "median" of my prostate. Two years later I consider that as, not needed.

    However, with regard to shape, I pawed through my toybox.

    Maximus, MGX and SGX all have distinct depressions on either side of the anterior (prostate facing) body. The MGX and SGX are somewhat more exadurated in that respect than Maximus. MGX gains some lateral centering force with some width in the lower body -- it trades off agility to get that. So, the static stability looks good but the dynamic balance isn't as much fun. (think driving a bus rather than a motorcycle) Motorcycle though is spelled "E-U-P-H-O"

    The newer, advanced models, Helix and Progasm, do have some indentation but the side depressions are not as pronounced as in the earlier models. The Vice is even more "blended" and, with it's silicone surface and excellent interface with lubes, the details of shape are even less distinct. The Eupho is designed to be super-agile and is more close to circular in crosssection. That makes it very free to shift laterally (and wildly in every other direction.) Yum!

    Comparing Helix (1.5oz) and MGX (1.7oz). Much of MGX's extra mass is in the lower body. I feel that design tends to keep it more centered than the more agile Helix. MGX, like Maximus grabs my prostate between it's body and it's p-tab and 'hugs' it nicely. Among these three, MGX does the greater number on my Cowpers.

    Now, "does this really matter." I think not. We are looking for contact here, not intense pressure. Agility counts big with me and of these three, Helix is the most agile.

    Sticking with the same tool during your early, learning months will sensitize the nerves that it contacts and you'll progress as you adapt to those feelings.

    Next: Humans are not symmetrical. Not in our faces, not in our feet, not in our perineums and not in our prostates. About 16 years ago my doc noted, "you have a prostate that's beginning to enlarge -- mostly along the left lateral lobe. (lobes are old terminology -- now the docs talk about zones) -- If you're into annual Uro visits, during your next DRE, ask your doc how symmetrical your prostate is -- perhaps good 'hip pocket' (pun) information.

    My first experience was with Helix and although I learned to relax my rectum enough to 'wag' it to either side of my prostate it did tend to find a nice grouve well to the right of center. Helix helped me welcome my first Super-O and is one of my two fav prostate tools. Symmetry be damned !

    It is also my most direct path to less intense dry-Os. Shove it in with minimal meditation and I'll at least get some p-waves.

    Lateral p-tab position also affects twist and tilt in one direction or another. That would seem to place a premium on having symetrical PC musculature. Perhaps but, --- nope, most taints taint symmetrical.

    Then there are asymetric issues in anal or rectal musculature. If that isn't enough to spoil one's perfect day, there's that load of gas, fluids and solid from the last meal that's temporarily camped in your ascending colon.

    So, although you may have heard otherwise, there's no perfect asshole.

    Once every couple of months, over in Chat, someone jokes about having some impressions taken of our rectums and having custom made tools constructed. So far as I know no one has traveled to Houston to have this done.

    Don't sweat finding the perfect pen. Relax, enjoy, breathe and let the penmanship adapt to the writing instrument.

    BTW guy, cool avatar on your profile, it would look nice in your posts.
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    I have 18 anal devices including the entire aneros line, entire n joy line, a lelo bob and a knock off. After much experimentation I came to realize that my body responded to my eupho and peridises. I am a follower of Mies Van Der Rohe: less is more.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I think I am with you. I have the complete range of Aneros models. The Progasm has never really done much for me and, although I had a brief fling with the Maximus, I'm finding now that the Eupho and smaller Peridise models are even better than the Helix. As you say, "less is more"!