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Fleshlight- Worth it?
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    Hi guys,

    I've been considering buying a fleshlight to accompany my MGX, but am unsure. In the past I have had a cheapo version that was alright until ejaculation. I'm uncircumsized, and when I ejaculate, the flat top of the head of my penis gets incredibly sensitive. I could never enjoy an orgasm with the old thing I was using, so after a couple gos at it, I ditched it.

    Any uncircumsized guys have the same issue? Even if I'm getting head, depending on the position of the girl, it can be too much! So my question is, if I fork over the money for the fleshlight, (shipping alone is mind boggling) will I run into the same problem??

  • Hi,

    I own a Fleshlight and have enjoyed some good sessions with it. I to am uncircumcised and the head is quite sensitive although it has never caused me discomfort, I just have to be careful the extra sensitivity doesn't push me over the edge to quickly.

    Pleasure Seeker
  • Well I guess I will add my two cents

    Having used nearly all of the fleshlight models (not the newer models) I think that the fleshlight or any toy vagina may not be right for (some) uncircumcised men.


    I guess how your penis is designed will play a big role in it too.

    I had trouble in the past finding toy vaginas that would fit me. I thought that it was because the toys were small, but having a large (over average) penis wasn't the problem. The issues was lack of sensitivity I kept buying model after model...kind of like what I did with the Aneros (huge collection). The real problem was that when I become erect my penis head is not exposed; meaning too much foreskin. This may not answer your question, but maybe hearing someone else's opinion will help you make up your mind.

    The Fleshlight is great for those people who are circumscribed or whose penis head is exposed when erect (my opinion). Why do I think this? I think this way because of years of experementing with Fleshlight models and holding my foreskin back while using it. The textures are actually felt during this technique. I read that during sex the foreskin automatically pulls back. I think that this is the case for some people, but the one time I experienced sex this was not the case for me.

    In short if you don't have excess foreskin maybe the Fleshlight is for you.
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    Thanks for the input, gentlemen. I've also received some good advise through private message, and have decided that for my purposes and based on where I'm at with my Aneros journey, it would be counterproductive to the rewiring process needed to really start experiencing those heightened levels of anal pleasure. I'm going to leave my penis alone for a while. He can handle it, he's a big boy (figuratively speaking).

    I appreciate the comments none the less!