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P-Waves.....? n00b here, after info on other things too, thx alot! :-D
  • Total n00b here but i've been doing KSMO for about 7 months now and have had many many mnay echo effects with a huge range of differeneces going right from full blown visual halucinations(ive taken magic mushrooms countless times so I know an halucination when I experaince one :-) ) to waves of eurphora, love, feeling flow up my body to right now I have a build up of warmth (chi) in my belly which when I relax alows it to expand right up my chest, sometiems its evern been localised in my heart.

    So my question is for info on what "P-Waves" are ect. Ive only rarly used the aneros, like just a handfull of times since ive owned it but im going to get really into using it now :-)

    What i DO experience though is that my prostate is VERY sensitive. A full tense causes strong sensations in it and half tense causes no feeling but holdign that half tense cause my prostate to start to hum or buzz or whatever after about 4secs, prolly more like 2 secs.
    I have no idea if this is just a normal first-time experiance or if it takes time to get ther or if its uncommon or waht? I dunno what a P-Wave is but i know i havnt experainced one coz the above is all ive felt , so far....

    Ive read B's Keys to the Backdoor which has been very helpfull thx man! :-D

    Thx for any info! :-D
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092

    With respect to what is common for first-timers, it varies from one individual to the next. While strong contractions can produce strong sensations, subtle contractions are the ones that are more often than not the most productive. In the past I've given the analogy of making musical tones with liquid in a brandy snifter. Rub your finger along the rim with a large amount of pressure and there is no tone. Use a light touch and your finger vibrates along the edge resulting in a resonance in the glass. Finding your body's own resonant frequency is what the journey with the Aneros is all about. Explore and enjoy!


    BF Mayfield

    p.s. Glad that you found the "Key's thread" helpful.

    Remain open to all....feel your way, and things will reveal themselves to you.
  • Cheers man :-)

    These "sensations" though are well, they can be real strong and feel, well i dunno if i would say pleasurable, there borderling pain if real strong.... like a sharp feeling but its in the whole of the prostate. After a while the taint area gets sensitive too and same feeling there too plus i feel it in my penis too after a lil longer. Is this "feeling" "sensation" feeling borderline pain when strong normal? Its, a sensation, asking myself if it pealsurable or not pleasurable is like asking if a pinch on ya arm pleasurable? Well yeah, sure, ig uess, if tis not too strong....

    I like ya analogy, ive found with half-tences i get the involuntary contractions ect n sometiems it tenced itself really hard more than once heh.
    Last night I had a session and found that if i become aroused internaly, feel sexual, feel sexualy through my body ect then the sensations seem to move from sorta-pain to sorta-pleasurable which I think is perhapos the reason peopel say its alot better if ya allready horny then? Then again could that just be me tricking myself into thinking that? :-s

    Cheers :-)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092
    While some discomfort is common as one becomes accustomed to prostate stimulation, a sensation of a "sharp pinch in the arm" is not what you're after. Again, I would suggest the use of far more subtle contractions, with it you should avoid the discomfort that you're speaking of and encourage more pleasurable sensations.

    BF Mayfield
  • You say "Discomfort", what do you mean by discomfort? Do you mean teh feeling of something beng up yoru arse or the actual sensation/feeling/buzzing/thing thats in my prostate?
    If tis the latter then its ok :-D what im feeling is normal coz i was sorta worried coz it was it pleasure? or pain? and thought perhaps my prostate had probs heheh so ive3 just gotta get used to it and tensng less :-) Also feeeeling sexual more ect which shouldnt be too much trouble as im gonna be with my girl for a month in 3 weeks time! :-D
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    Everything we do with our bodies and brains has a potential ratio of discomfort to pleasure. Consider again B.F. Mayfield's 'Brandy snifter' example in terms of a straight pin and your forearm. Mentally, bind your arm to a table as you might for a BDSM exercise.

    At the 'slightest touch' ...dragging the needle point across your forearm may produce a very slight tickle of pleasure, perhaps not much. Increasing the pressure produces more pleasure but a slight sense of pain. Increasing the pressure more, so that it breaks the skin and causes bleeding, produces pain that overshadows the pleasure. So, for pleasure we may have to reach way down into stimulation that's almost imperceptable and mentally cherish and bless each nuisance of the feelings.

    "Activation" is something that many of us encounter with our prostates and our nipples. For Nips, it involves 'training' one's nipple and brain to produce & sense pleasure before the pain becomes overwhelming. Many guys have found that perfect balance (a good pleasure to discomfort ratio) was inborn. Others of us had to work for days or weeks until our nipples awakened and produced high levels of pleasure from very small flicks and tender caresses. The prostate and ano-rectal region is much the same.

    Deep relaxation, acceptance and self-trust is essential in finding that excellent balance.
  • jebamgjebamg
    Posts: 1

    So I am totally anerosless! For the last 7 days I have had insane super O sessions but the next day effects have me a little freaked out. The Super Os are wrecking my world in an amazing sexual way, but I can't sleep after them and i wake up in the middle of another left over dry or super O and then the day after my arms and legs were just is finally subsiding a day later but just want to know how long it lasts and if it is normal...felt like i was going to have heart attack last night...didn't go anywhere near them today but felt weird.
    Thanks for any insight!
  • ah thx rook :-D from my experiance the other night I can see where ya comming from:-)
    Its one of those "Less if More" situations and i read that the idea is to get "there" with as little as possible and over time if you keep working on it and using slightly less and get there and then for it to become easy to ge there with that "little less" then carry on then with again less till eventualy you'll be able to do it without the aneros at al :-D
    Thx for the great metaphore :-D both of ya!

    and :-O
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    Thanks guys! Such a great conversation! and essential points! :)
  • I wonder why nooens said what a "P-Wave" is though.,.....
  • actualy, if i missed it sorry ehhehe :-D
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092
    [QUOTE=TheGrowningNumber;100042]I wonder why nooens said what a "P-Wave" is though.,.....

    P-wave, is an abbreviation for pleasure wave. These waves of sensation may be subtle or more pronounced and are the building blocks of the Super-O.

    BF Mayfield
  • Ah ok, i was acutaly thinking P-Wave stood for prostate-wave :-)
    So, what are these "waves"? where are they? how do they feel? ect
    M8 of mine said p-waves to him are exactly the same as echos from ksmo which I find hard to believe when echos progress and change over time, i mean, ive had many different types ect :-)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092
    Most P-waves have some prostatic aspect to them, but the term was coined to describe a more general sense of the pleasure waves that originate in the pelvic area and radiate outward more globally. Again, these sensations are the precursors to and the foundation of the Super-O. The term echo may encompass our definition of P-wave too but in KSMO parlance it has a more specific meaning as well.

    With respect to how they feel, this varies with their intensity. When they are at a low level they may be felt as a tickling almost butterflies-in-the stomach sensation (where the location is lower abdominal / pelvic. At higher intensity they characterized by a deeper surging sensation. Needless to say these are not to be confused with the traditional penile sensations.

    BF Mayfield