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Slight Prostate Injury
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Hi there it seems as though i have obtained a slight prostate injury, i have not used aneros
    in just over three weeks but the problem has not yet gone away. Is there anything i can do
    or take to make the prostate heal faster?

    Cheers thecritta
  • Hi.
    Though I'm not a doctor, but all I can suggest is give it a a bit more time to heal up and the only way to tell if it's healed up is by inserting a finger or your Aneros or whatever. Leave it another week or so.
    If it's like a bruise or cut me personally I'd give it another month.
    Whats the rush ?
    Me I went decades without an Aneros so I could live without it.
    Although I'm sat writing this message with my Aneros stuck up me. :)