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Helix plus Vibrating Bullet! WOW!
  • Dear all,
    Just to share with all of you my fantastic experience last night with my Helix with the Vibrating Bullet on it.
    It gave me very very stimulated sensation. I'm not sure if the vibration had stimulated my G-spot or my prostate but the sensation was beyond description. There was sensation all over, my prostate, pc-muscle, G-spot, anus hole, everywhere. And as I contract and release my muscle, there were different kinds of sensations. I was moaning and moaning, non-stop. I'm not sure if I was having orgasm or not but I was feeling like having sex. That lasted for almost an hour, and I reached the point of ejaculation. Then I stopped and masturbated with the Helix and vibration on. Then, WOW!!!

    Do try it and share with me if you also experience this.