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I like the scene set-ups lately
  • I think the story set-ups for the scenes have been pretty good lately. Many of the stories have all seemed like they were were well thought out and the stars have done a pretty good job with the dialogue. I also think that it has been a lot more evened out as far as who is the seducer and seducee (I think it would be good to keep this at a 50/50 level). I also think it is good that the horniness has been calmed down a bit and the progression towards the sex is a little more realistic.

    I know this is a fantasy site but in my opinion the 'fantasies' should still try to maintain a certain level of realism (even if the realism isn't that much I think they should still attempt to keep it there to some degree).

    One question I am curious about is that do the adult stars like an opportunity to act out a little story in the scenes they do or do most of them just prefer to say as little as possible before the sex starts?image
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
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    Fantasy site?