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Off Topic: Penis Pumps
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 862
    Anyone here ever use a penis pump? Did you find it enjoyable?

    P.S. I found this website, with dangerous looking blowups.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    OT warning ------ distinct TMI hazard.

    First, I'd classify most of the examples on that link as gross self-abuse. Neither prescribed E.D. therapy or use of a pump and constriction band for sex involves scrotum pumping.

    Late edit & warning: Most guys who are into this for ego or enlargement use vacuum pumps with vacuum gages so that they know how much pressure is being applied and how it compares with the last session -- OTOH, pumping for medical reasons is a lot more tame. THERE ARE NO COMBAT ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FOR RUPTURING BLOOD VEINS OR RESIDUAL VARICOSITIES.

    Both pumping for therapy and for sex are frequently recommended or prescribed by Urologists for men with E.D. or development of fibrotic tissue in their cavernosa.

    Yes Bish. For about four years I used a pump for 15 minutes (three 5-minute cycles) during my morning shave & shower routine. Then regular Aneros sessions improved my 'nocturnals' (nighttime wood) sufficiently and I quit.

    When used for E.D. therapy, properly executed pumping is somewhat uncomfortable but can produce impressive erections because, in addition to blood, it draws lymph into the cavernosa. So, penis volume is increased about 5% beyond natural erection. Cyclic hyper-extension is intended to force oxygenated blood into fibrotic tissue. Regular cyclic pumping, five days a week is supposed to improve penis health and while it might not cure E.D. it may improve response to prescribed medications like pills and injectables. After three years my Uro documented a decrease in erectile curvature and fibrotic tissue during annual 'short arm' inspections. Men with E.D. definitely know they have a hefty chunk of meat in their hand after a pumping session. So, there can be some 'enjoyment.'

    My Uro handed me an inexpensive pump during my first visit for E.D.. Then wrote a prescription for a more sophisticated pump and constriction bands to try for sex (never bothered to fill that script however I've worn out four or five inexpensive pumps. Neither my wife or I liked pumping and constriction for sex so I opted for pills and later on for injections.)

    Men interested in pumping that goes beyond therapy practice can be found on sites similar to Thunder's Place. They buy custom fitted gear with very accurately controlled pumping "pressures" from places like L.A.Pump. Same outfits also sell mechanized nipple pumping gear when supple nips are not enough.
  • Sky_WalkerSky_Walker
    Posts: 62
    Hi Doctor Rook,
    You seem to have some experience in a matter that is coming to light with me. About six months ago I noticed small lumps in my penis and a slight dent on one side about an inch along the shaft. I trotted off the Doc and he examined intently for about 2 minutes, muttered something about "a little fibrosis" and then exclaimed that it's not cancer, it wont kill me and I shouldn't worry. I pulled up my strides and as per Doctors orders did not worry. Since then I have noticed at times a fair amount of discomfort during sex, a bit of an ache, like I've been on the nest all night, but that seems to have subsided. Now I'm noticing a bit of a curvature downwards but I still get good erections, I'm only 45 and was hoping for many years of sexual enjoyment still to come, in fact I'm enjoying it now more than ever. Should I do anything about this seemingly progressing condition? Is it peyronie's disease? I've read some wiki pages about this and it seems nothing much can be done, you just gotta sit tight and see what happens!

    Anybody else experienced these symptoms?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    First, I'm not a doc. Have just been around the block for many years and have made my share of poor choices including 20 years of tobacco smoking. I also work as 'file clerk' and research guy in an Internet forum on male impotence -- so I read a lot of anecdotal stories, home-spun remedies and how doctors have solved issues (overlaid with more home-spun stories etc. etc.)

    Important thing here is:
    -- first, trust in your doctor and don't worry or fret.
    -- if the issue is worth mentioning here, it's important that you share it with your Urologist (one that has a large practice in E.D. and is willing to discuss alternate therapies)
    -- tell you doc what your level of concern is and what your expectations and desires are.
    -- confirm with your doc how much time you should be solidly erect each day.

    My own Uro asks for about 20 minutes of well-oxygenated erection a day, five days a week. While that normally would happen from just nighttime wood some guys don't achieve that due to poor oxygenation from smoking, sleep apnea, snoring or circulatory issues. then, add in erect time for sex, mb etc. (Note: Weed counts as smoking.)

    I get a fair arterial pulse in my penis and bulb during an Aneros session. With all the deep breathing, that flow is well oxygenated even when I'm flaccid. it's all good !

    My own erect curvature reached about 10 degrees leftward and my doc attributed it to fibrosis rather than to an injury or ligament issue more typical of Peyronies. That was five years ago -- now I'm a real 'straight arrow.'

    Have a good one!
  • I feel it is my duty to comment on my experience. Be cautioned, this is WHAT CAN GO WRONG with a penis pump tale. I fancy myself an explorative guy, and for years have wanted to try a penis pump to see if they really work, heighten sensation, etc... I used one for one night with my girlfriend. Things did not go well at all. First of all, let it be known that I have no need for a penis pump as far as medical reasoning. I have natural erections that are sensitive and sustaining. This was simply about trying to gain size and girth for some enhanced intercourse. I used lube like the guy at the store said to do, but I think the model I got was too large for my anatomy, but it was the model the guy at the store recommended because it had a gauge to measure the pressure. I squeezed and pumped the device until I felt a tight amount of pressure, which meant I should have left well enough alone, but in my excited state, and my girlfriend's excited state, I ignored my body's natural threshhold. Using the device wasn't very comfortable first of all. My testicle kept getting sucked in, which I read could happen and one has to be careful to pull down the scrotal sack and keep the testicles out of the way. Second, I just wasn't seeing the results that I was expecting. Let it be noted that while the vaccuum seal was in place, and my cock was in the pump, the apperance was what I desired. However, once the valve was released, I went back to roughly normal size. As our session went on, the boundaries were pushed more. I kept feeling discomfort, and even pain, but ignored these very serious signs in my desire for more.

    Let me skip to the next morning. I was very sore, and I could tell I certinaly bust open a vessel in the shaft. There was a large purple bruise down most of my shaft and into the scrotal area. I could hardly get an erection for days, and the pain and discomfort was disturbing. More unsettling was all of the information that I read after the fact that said these burst vessels could lead to permanent damage and inability to have erections. In the most severe cases, blood flow could be cut of so significantly that tissue dies and amputation has to occur. For several days I internally fought with the decision of going to the doctor or waiting it out. I waited it out very thankfully to good results. I am perfectly fine and like I was before this nightmare. There was a blood vessel that was just below the scrotal sack which I thought was black even. This made me worry even more. The only reason I didn't go to the doctor is that I could urinate without difficulty and was able to get short lasting erections when exposed to arousing material. In the end, I took it easy for a few days down there and matters healed themselves. Even while I was healing I was still nervous because I read that the worst damage can actually occur while healing. Blood clots may have formed during the pumping session which wouldn't break off and float free until the healing occurs and the vessels repair, thus restoring circulation.

    Please, if anyone is thinking of using one of the devices, learn these lessons:

    1.) Pick the right size! It does no good to pick a pump that's too large. This makes a very uncomfortable fit and can cause poor usage of the device.

    2.) Do lube continuously. This is important not to get stuck in the device. It just makes the whole experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

    3.) Do STOP if there is too much pressure or discomfort. Remember that the blood vessels in the penile shaft are right on the surface and very small. There is not much need for the penis to have large veins like the femur or jugular. Blood simply needs to fill the corpus spongiosum and corpus cavernosa.

    4.) Set realistic expectations. What is the motivation behind using such a device?

    5.) In the end, the benefits may not outweight the risks. I was so scared by this one incident that I threw away my pump the next day so I couldn't tempt myself to use it again.

    I fancy myself a guy who follows safety guidlines and understands why safety comes first. I'm also a guy who took anatomy and physiology, as well as First Responder classes, and know from a fact that the most important priority is circulation. Even in my learning of rope bondage, circulation is still paramount above all. I'm embarassed that I ignored all of my reasoning and sensibilities. So, if others are looking into these devices, try to keep the safety aspect in mind.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    [QUOTE=rook;99094]My own Uro asks for about 20 minutes of well-oxygenated erection a day, five days a week. What is a well-oxygenated erection? And so, you're saying that some "getting-erect" routine can fix curvature? So how does one do this, a long masturbation session or what?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Good advice guys,

    As with so many areas of sexual exploration there will always be those who are inclined to take things over the top. The warnings of Rook and Rikaaim should be heeded by those who have any interest in Penis Pumps.

    BF Mayfield
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 862
    Thanks for all the thought provoking insights, good to know!