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The Penis Itch!
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    [cross-posted: The Penis Itch! from KSMO forum]

    Yes, the dreaded penis itch. Some of us have been dreading the ejaculatory orgasm, as the resulting pleasure can be extremely depressing, and only serves to deplete arousal. We men should be in complete control of our desire to ejaculate. Instead, we suffer from this torturous, maddening desire to masturbate as we climb the arousal ladder just to fall right back down, like the Greek god Sisyphus and his boulder. So, I set out to find the cure.

    The first clue to this cure came from my wet dreams. I asked myself, "why is it that I can have an amazing ejaculatory orgasm during a wet dream, and wake up soaked with semen, yet feel even more aroused than before?" I believe it's because a wet dream only allows prostate fluid to be ejaculated. So, I decided to try prostate milking whenever I felt the penis itch. Three problems with prostate milking: 1. It's easy to damage your stuff, 2. It prevents wet dreams from happening (I'll tell you later why this is a conflict of interest!), 3. It is difficult to do correctly. Here's the basic process: Stimulate the penis while pushing on the prostate. Generate the "need to pee" feeling and prostate fluid will drain if you are near the edge with penile stimulation. I know a handful of ways to do this without going anal, but no use in discussing this if I'm not promoting it. Just be careful of pushing a bowel movement too hard, which may force an erection as well as force out prostate fluid, among other things. :D

    At first I thought it was working. I drained the fluid and my horniness / penis itch would go away; arousal would drop for a short time and come back 4 hours later, stronger than before! Awesome! The short period of lowered arousal was also a relief, a chance to take a break from all the things associated with high arousal (constant erections, P-waves, etc.) Also, it in no way made me feel like I couldn't have an orgasm or didn't want sex. However, problems started to appear. Reddish toilet paper, having seminal fluid drained because of being too close to the ejaculatory edge (depleting arousal), and of course, penis itch wasn't going away as much as I would've hoped! There must be an easier way, so I went back to the basics: self-control.

    Here's the problem with not having a wet dream: The wet dream is not just a clue to the cure, it is the cure... well... a cure. Now, the goal is not to induce a wet dream (that would be difficult unless you're adept in lucid dreaming!). Rather, it's to allow the body to drain prostate fluid on its own! How do we do that? Self-control; by not allowing ourselves to force it to happen.

    "But, Korkelz, how do we have self-control? The lack of control was the problem in the first place!" I'll explain.

    First of all, resisting something is never enough. In electronics, a resistor is a "passive" component (functioning without power). When we resist, we are also being passive. It's a defense with no offence; so we have to be proactive, we need the power of a good offence. It helps to think of the penis as simply an extension cable of your prostate. The penis is not the sexual organ; the prostate is. The penis is simply a reflection of it. It's the little devil hidden underneath that compels you to do evil sexual deeds, and has complete control over your penis. Your penis is the angel desparately wanting to do good (like lasting long enough for the damsel in distress), but is under the evil mind control of the devil, your prostate. Whether any of this is technically true, doesn't matter. The stories and ideas you create in your head to make sense of everything or make life easier is what matters.

    Here's how to be proactive: When you feel the penis itch, do something about it, but avoid touching the penis (don't be too strict though, expereriment). But, do NOT use any kind of physical torture (like cold showers). Why? Because you're then injecting negativity into your practice which will only lead to shorter highs and longer lows (progress waves discussed further down).

    I believe it's the build-up of prostate fluid that causes sexual energy to get easily stuck in the penis, which causes the penis itch, so the goal is to move energy away from the penis. Yes, the goal is to feel P-waves. Use nipples, Key Sound, Aneros, perinium, scrotum, penis massage followed by a full body massage going outward from the pelvis... drink water, eat a good meal, exercise, listen to and give your body what it needs. Use all your wisdom and techniques to resist going over the edge, anything to pleasure yourself without using your prostate extension cable (again, extreme strictness is a negative thing; all of this must be enjoyable). That's the goal. Right now I feel like I don't have to touch my penis, save for the occasional massage or stretching of ligaments when it's erect, but I believe I am at the high point of a "progress wave." Don't forget that we make progress in waves. We have high points and low points (low points may seem like relapses in progress and habit, but don't make the mistake of convincing yourself of this).

    A good way to chart your progress waves is with a journal. I use a txt on my computer. Keep track of when you experience a refractory period. Keep track of how many days inbetween it is and how many times per month it occurs. Also keep track of if you experience super arousal or a high in pleasure, the high point of a progress wave. The high point is marked by P-waves, constant erection, high arousal, echo effects, success with KSMO or aneros, etc. not to be confused with horniness which is just a penis itch. The low point is marked by little success, confusion, depression, lack of self control, etc. Just power through it with patience; it's not a relapse.

    Once you've charted your waves, you can use numbers to help you see how many times (and how many days inbetween) you've had refractory periods in the past and the pattern of low and high points. This will give you confidence to make improvements and not get disheartened about the low points. You will see they are inevitable. These low points are just the way your body and spirit integrate new things into your life.

    [Disclaimer: I'm not sure if any other mens' bodies work the way mine does, so for the information below, I'll speak for myself. The problem is that if your body doesn't do anything like mine does, I'm not sure if any of this information is useful to you. This stuff has happened in the past, but not nearly as obvious or with such exaggerated effects. It was only until I gained this knowledge did it become like this. Was it Aneros that made this truly possible? Was it KSMO? Is it specific to me and few others? I don't know. I'm hoping this is a physical phenomenon that many men can experience with patience and expirimentation.]

    However, self-control alone certainly won't drain your prostate fluid. That's your body's job (along with your support). Think of it like a man's period. Once I haven't ejaculated for some time (6 to 8 days), prostate is so full of fluid, it can't help but drain out automatically. I begin to see prostate fluid drip out right after some urinations. Later, it happens after every urination. Last time this happened it was a very pleasurable event, almost a mini orgasm. First time it felt like a strange need to pee again, so use your eyes to confirm this. Like dripping food coloring into water, you should see an opaque splash of white color when it drips into the toilet. Rubbing this between your fingers causes it to foam white. Good bathroom lighting helps.

    Next, if I don't have a wet dream, I may wake up during the night drippy, a raging erection and teasing pelvic pleasure. Finally, after the prostate is so full that there's no more room for fluid, it explodes with a wet dream. (NOTE: The wet dream is not the goal, I'll explain later!) Last time this happened two nights ago, it took one dripping of fluid (after one urination before bed). Next thing I know I'm shaking uncontrollably, difficulty standing, experiencing extreme arousal, P-waves, erection, sexual sensitivity in all my sexual organs (including nipples), constantly feeling like prostate fluid is about to explode out of me (pre-ejaculatory feelings, very pleasurable), unable to sleep, until 7am I finally managed to relax enough to sleep for like... 10 seconds... then BAM I exploded. It was hardly a wet dream. It was more like I was half-awake and imagined a little tap to the penis, and that was it. It was the most extreme ejaculatory orgasm I've ever experienced, followed by the most deeply relaxing and relieved feeling I've ever felt. I remember thinking "I'm not sure if I can handle an ejaculation any more powerful!" I can only describe it as gripping the handlebar of a roller coaster car on your way down that first big drop. Now here's the best part: After getting out of bed to clean up, I was still aroused, but not horny in any way. I could relax and sleep. My prostate became a sleeping dragon. This morning I had another wet dream, was and still am experiencing lots of pleasure. This is the first time I've had two wet dreams consecutively (only two days apart) without giving the penis itch inbetween! I woke up wet and dripping with the feeling of being utterly drained of fluid, but still feeling P-waves and getting erections, and fearing (good sexual-fantasy-type fear) another spontaneous ejaculation. :eek: This morning I found myself hugging a pillow as I was being attacked (again, sexual-fantasy-type attack) with P-waves. I've been contemplating wearing a condom to bed... :o At least I'd be able to measure much fluid is actually coming out, seems like a lot more than normal.

    The first time this happened, it was less extreme, but oh so pleasurable. Took a few days of urination/prostate dripping for the wet dream to happen. Ok, enough about dreams. The goal is not necessarily to have a wet dream, the goal is something I haven't yet achieved, but feel it's a very big possibility, that is: having this ejaculatory release while awake with the help of your mind, KSMO, physical stim, or whatever techniques. I haven't yet tried KSMO during all this; Jack suggested I do. In terms of using one's mind, during the crazy shakes and pleasures and feeling like I might explode, I was trying to imagine my prostate opening up or being relaxed, imagining the fluid dripping out, physically relaxing, etc, and I feel like it may be doing something. I'm not quite there yet, but the wet dreams and pleasure are coming to me more easily each time, so I feel I'm getting closer to this possibility. All these things are happening like clockwork and only requires patience on my part. Fluid builds up, fluid explodes, rinse, repeat.

    What helps is really just letting go, allowing your prostate and body to do it's thang... meaning, let your penis go crazy, relax and feel all the P-waves moving up and down, don't get too involved, enjoy as a spectator. Let your prostate go about its daily/nightly business. If the penis itch gets too much, use your techniques. It also helps to imagine that the penis itch is the penile stimulation itself. I've had some success with this, and it really does sometimes feel like stimulation.

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  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 208
    To avoid the refractory period, may I recommend nipple orgasm. It has been my experience, going back many years, that after ejaculation during nipple orgasm I am ready for another and another and another. There is no refractory period.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Wuerstchen, this little article I've created are for those who aren't multi-orgasmic. If you can have amazing pleasure after ejaculating... or before, then you don't need this information. However, any wisdom you have to share is certainly welcome. But, I'm confused with what you just said. I don't doubt that nipple stimulation can induce ejaculation, is that what you're saying? Can you confirm if what is ejaculated is purely prostatic fluid (clear, runny)? Or does it contain the standard mixture of semen of a normal ejaculation? Based on what I believe to be true, I would bet it's just prostatic fluid.