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Aneros Vice - Construction Issue
  • HunterGuy2HunterGuy2
    Posts: 1
    After a few uses, my Vice completely stopped working - the battery was inserted the right way, and fully charged.

    I opened it up from the front (it's in 3 pieces, unscrew the piece that's opposite to the button), and found a curved piece of metal on the circuit board that's meant to brush the side of the metal housing. It turns out, this thing is soldered onto the board in pretty much the most unreliable way possible, and had come 'unglued' so to speak.

    Fixing it is relatively easy - just heat up that little metal bracket with a soldering iron and re-solder it to the board via the thru-hole pins (mine was actually just resting on a little puddle in front instead of being properly soldered into the holes). However you need to be careful not to put too much, and also try to angle the bracket down toward the board before the solder hardens, otherwise it'll be impossible to screw back into the metal case.

    Just thought I'd share in case anyone else has this problem.
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    i am not one to bash a product unfairly but i think the vice is an overpriced piece of crap its basically a silicone progasm with a bullit vibe in the centre and it costs £100 the lelo billy has a lithium ion battery 7 modes is very quiet the battery lasts for hours it only costs £60 i think aneros cheaped out they could have put a dedicated rechargeable vibe into the product and still sold it cheaper
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    [QUOTE=HunterGuy2;98421]After a few uses, my Vice completely stopped working - the battery was inserted the right way, and fully charged.
    ... snip ......

    Suggestion: Stick by the manufacturer's recommendation for Alkaline Batteries rather than use rechargeables.

    My AAA rechargeables are all NiMh and only output 1.2vdc. That's insufficient to start the vibe in my Vice. At first I had reservations about how much life I'd see out of a AAA alkaline. It's turned out though that I get over five bph therapy sessions out of a single batt. That's about 2.5 hrs. in mode 3. Nice!

    I've enlarged the lower 3/8" of the Vice cavity to accommodate the vibe that Ten_s_nut found on amazon. so, can switch easiy. I like the Aneros vibe capsule on mode 3 for bph therapy. However the 'mosquito' mode on the alternative vibe really rings my bell.

    I take exception to the idea of having a rechargeable integrated into the vibe capsule. It is frustrating to take a piece of personal electronics out of service to recharge it or send it to a service center for a new cell. Just replacing a 35-cent cell works for me.

    Then, there are the two fancy German strobes that I recently pitched due to the hard-wired NiCads inside. The "repair" cost to replace those strangely shaped cells was more than the price of a new strobe that ran on a pair of AA alkalines. Dumb design for a product targeted for international sale.

    Rechargeables have their place. This isn't it for me.
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    yeah thought you might say something like that the money you spend on new batteries over the life of the product would pay for a brand new device twice over
  • rorymusclerorymuscle
    Posts: 74
    I'm disappointed with this too. I never even got to try the vibe as it stopped working a couple of minutes after inserting the battery. I just couldn't get it going again. I contacted HIH who asked me to send it back. Given I live in the UK and I always have to collect anything sent from HIH and pay customs charges, etc, I couldn't be bothered to go through all that again just for a unit which could break again. I am also away nearly all the time for work, so finding an open post office on my day off is impossible. Maybe mark II will be a better build quality.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, Rory.

    I don't use the vibe that came with Vice. Instead, I'm using the Doc Johnson, which fits. It's an inexpensive and very effective one you might be able to get through Amazon, UK. Here's my old thread about the vibe and a link to the American Amazon site:

    I've used this vibe at least 40 times so far with 2 sets of batteries.


  • rorymusclerorymuscle
    Posts: 74
    Thanks, Dave. Great!
  • Hi Dave,

    I bought two of them just to have one for back up. Unfortunately, both of them broke within in a week. The connection from bullet to the wiring is really poorly made.

    I couldn't take the thing apart so I ended up throwing away both. When it did work, it does work better than the vibe that came with the Vice.
  • Sorry to hear that, vis.

    I've got two and they've been working fine for about 4 months. The first one I bought broke for no apparent reason so I've been careful about stressing the wiring on these two.


  • FenradFenrad
    Posts: 1
    Hello - I know this is an old thread, but was researching my broken bullet and thought I'd contribute. I contacted customer service, and was told that if I had the receipt, they would have replaced or sorted things out. I don't have the receipt though, bought mine in a shoji about a year ago and wouldn't have saved the receipt. Anyway, I asked and it turns out they don't do repairs, and also won't accept the broken one to sell me a new bullet for cheaper. Such a shame. I enjoyed mine quite a bit but not up to spending another $100. Tx for reading...

    I'll attempt the fix noted above with the soldering and see what happens.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782

    The Aneros company has historically been really good about replacing defective product, and also making quality long lasting sex toys. They won't necessarily know they have an engineering or quality control problem with the vibrator in the Vice by posting in the forum. Contact them directly and let them know.
    Posts: 21
    Sorry you had a bum experience with your Vice, but mine is my fave of my collection. Still works great, and feels awesome. Maybe you just got a bad one.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    speaking of the vice, has anyone ever tried this little number?