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Progress with vice
  • Pbmazda32Pbmazda32
    Posts: 5
    Hello again everyone,

    Had to get on here and share the progress I've been having with the vice. I believe my progress is mostly due to Tens n huts advice in his posts. Thanks Tens n hut.

    About a week ago I had my first involuntary contractions which completely blew me away and left me wanting more. Since then, hings have developed rapidly. Using my vice i have had many sensations i believe would be called dry-O's (a feeling of ejaculation with no actual ejaculation). Twice now i have experienced a sensation that felt like a full on orgasm but (this is embarrassing), it caused me to urinate. It felt amazing and both times i did not even realize i was urinating until several minutes after. Honestly, it felt like a bomb went off in my pelvis. i could feel all the muscles in my body radiating in waves toward my pelvis, like it was feeding it energy.

    Now i am having the same sensations without the vice inserted. How can this be? I was working around the yard Saturday morning and was having little mini dry O's all morning. Great feeling but distracting when your trying to work! I would also like to thank Aneros for this wonderful product and all the wonderful advice on this forum. This thing has really supercharged my sex life with my wife.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 866
    Glad to hear you're making progress with VICE, Pb.

    The "after effects" you experienced are common. Just be careful while driving a car if one starts up. You might have to pull over and wait it out.