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Using the Aneros in a non-traditional way?
  • RandoRando
    Posts: 19
    Just wondering how common it is for othes to use their Aneros's and vibrators in "non-traditional" ways. For example, here are some of my favorites:

    1) I insert the Progasm, but also use the vibrator from the Vice. I either slip it between the K-tab and my butt and usually it will stay there or sometimes I will tie it to the Prograsm. Next I will take a small bullet-like vibrator I have and lay on top of it with the vibrations focused on the head of my penis. For some reason the vibrations on my penis are too intense to bring me to traditional Os (90% of the time), but this leads to some incredible dry Os which can last up to 30 minutes.

    2) Sometimes I will do the same trick w/the Progasm+Vice vibrator, but without the 2nd vibrator on my penis, but instead will tie my balls tightly and then on the other end hang a very light weight that hangs off the bed and provides a bit of a yanking feeling without being too painful. I know other users have mentioned they will kind of yank on their balls to intensify a Super O, but this makes it a whole lot easier in my opinion b/c the pressure is already there without having to think about it mid-orgasm. I just got done with a mind-blowing Super O that lasted 45 minutes, after which I'd had enough b/c it was so draining. 3 minutes later, after I had cleaned up and removed the Aneros I was still shivering and feeling orgasmic sensations running through my body.

    I still can't really get a Super O in the traditional sense of just using only a Helix or Progasm, but by being creative and coming up with different ways to use all the tools at my disposal I've been able to create my own Super Os.

    I guess this post is kind of a pick me up for those who feel they can't or may never "break through" with the Aneros. Just wondering if anyone else has unique ways of using their Aneros's that they'd like to share.
  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    Hey Rando,

    Sounds pretty interesting man! I love the idea of tying my balls with some yanking going on! MMM!