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A learning moment...
  • So I had the fwb over this weekend. And thank god she's gone. I've been singing Whatever by Godsmack all weekend. But I digress.

    We were doing it and I was fingering her 2-finger style and hitting her g-spot real nice when the thought occurs to me: "I wonder if multiples are that easy for her, too." And sure enough, when you get a g-spot orgasm going, you can let it subside and then fire it up again just like you can do with your aneros. I only tried once cuz I don't like her enough to put in all that extra effort (but who knows how many are hiding...).

    But boy, I can't wait to get my hands in the married woman.

    I'm sure lots of you guys knew this already. But this was too easy, and I don't want any of my fellow men to miss out.