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Relatively new user needing exprienced help for progasm use
  • I have been using my helix for 3 months using it 3-4 times a week. I have reached reasonable progress feel free to read my blogs. However I have recently brought the progasm ice and require some help and advice on insertion and the amount of lube needed i currently use water based lube and use a syringe to push lube inside rectum and i also coat my helix in lube as well use around 2cc or so on my helix.

    I need help on the right amount of lube to use for progasm, as well as a step by step and good techniques for insertion. I have made 2 attemps my first being the best I managed to get it in place or I think I did so am I right in thinking the K- tab sits at the bottom of your spine when when relaxed as im not sure. During my first session the progasm slipped out of place a fair few times im guessing this is due to either too much lube or wrong alignment.

    Thanks for any help given Im having a rest from aneros use atm till the weekend. Will ask when chat opens as well for further advice.

    cheers in advance.
  • Rocket, I'm certainly no expert, but here's my take on the Progasm: I pre-lube with roughly from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of Astroglide. I also put a thin coat of Vaseline on the Pro before coating it with either Astroglide or KY. This allows it to easily slide into place and it stays lubed even if I leave it in all night. The Pro somestimes feels like it wants to slide out if I am walking with it inserted, but I've never had any sense of that happening when lying down or when standing in place. Perhaps you in fact do not have it fully inserted. I can't see how it could be angled incorrectly when you insert it as it has to follow the natural curve of your rectum to go in at all. I can feel the K-tab and P-tabs make contact when it is in place. In fact, it seems to "pop" into place and draw itself in further by itself when it goes in all the way. Your description of the K-tab resting on the end of the spine does seems accurate. It sounds to me that maybe a bit more (or slipperier) lube and slightly deeper insertion may be all you need. Hope this helps.
  • Rocket, one more thought. Because of the size of the Progasm I think it is imperative to perform an enema before using it. This will aid ease of insertion and the ease of movement once it is in place. Enjoy!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    As I stated in my original review of the Progasm several years ago there is a preferred method of inserting this model for greater comfort. In my initial sessions with this product I determined that the head/tip of the unit was best accommodated by a “scooping” or angling motion versus a straight insertion. Assuming that you are prelubricating and then applying copious amounts of lubricant directly onto the massager this should do the trick. As with all larger fare, going slow is a must.


    BF Mayfield
  • Thanks for all the help everyone :) will give it a go again 2night , yeah i have been taking it slow and yes I always do an enema