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My first session
  • Hi all,
    I'm here to join others who have posted their first sessions and how they have achieved their orgasm or very good results.
    When I first came to this forum, I saw many posts on how they achieved super orgasm or sensations.
    When I read these, I thought to myself: Could these be true? Are these posts fake?
    At first I didn't believe these posts and thought these are fake posts. Nevertheless, I ordered the Helix and waited for its arrival.
    Then came my Helix yesterday, and I couldn't wait to try it out. Partly to see if it's true, partly is due to my sexual urges. I canceled my appointment at night to try it out.

    I downloaded some relaxation music and started playing it.
    Then I went naked and applied the lubricant that I bought together with the Helix at my anus area and the Helix.
    I put it in and laid on my back. (Tried the side way as the instructions said but didn't quite like it)
    Then I tried to relax. As I relaxed and listened to the music, slowly and unknowingly, I felt the sensation of the Helix moving in my anus. I can't describe the feeling but it was VERY NICE.
    I even made out soft cries as the sensation intensified and moved.
    It was very very good. As the session went on, the feeling got higher and higher.
    (Strangely, I felt like a girl with a dick in me.)
    I continued to relax even though I felt strong sensations inside.
    Suddenly, I couldn't control it any longer and I contracted my muscles inside and even crunching my fists. I held my thighs closed and tight and squeezed my pc - muscles with all my might.
    At the same time. I made soft cries and thrust my butt momentarily.
    Then, I stopped as I was a bit tired. I relaxed again and waited for the sensation to come again.
    This time I did the same thing again but to the point where I couldn't control it any longer and I achieved orgasm and ejaculated. It's a bit disappointing as I didn't want the session the end so soon. It lasted for an hour. Nonetheless, it was a very satisfying experience and it's my first session.

    From that hour onwards, I believed what the forum says and what the Helix can do for us men.
    Thanks to the Aneros Team!

    If you guys think I have in any way done it wrongly and need correction or improvement, please feel free to comment. Let me know how I can achieve even better results.

  • Sounds like you did everything right to me!
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    Be careful about squeezing too tight. If you are prone to hemorrhoids, this can cause problems.