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Overdue first experiences
  • I first bought my MGX in December. I must say it was rather difficult at first (my virgin anus, helps to relax and breath deep), but oh my god that feeling when the aneros reaches its modeled fit. Just like a glove when it slips and triggers your anus to tense up and presses against ur prostate. My first time was great but left me wanting more, and as research explained more comes with time. I didnt expect much, but at the same time this is still exploration so i considered anything could happen.
    A couple days later I gave it another go, and I gave it more time (more than expected as you will read). Upon insertion I felt like this thing just belonged in my anus. It was welcomed and celebrated amongst my body. I must also mention I get gobs of precum inserting the aneros more than when fully inserted. I practiced my muscles throughout the night as i figured I was training them up for future experiences. I felt great and my heart was racing the whole time. I read and tried a few techniques that a couple forum members recommended and each one felt great and I could feel intense pleasure building up with each new thing i tried, but it kept subsiding so I just relaxed and built up again. I would flex my muscles and sometimes my body would take over and this pleasurable feeling trickled up my back. As a couple hours passed (which was about an hour and a half longer than my first session) and I figured I had practiced enough and was satisfied feeling I had accomplished enough for the night, so i decided to finish with a traditional orgasm with the aneros inserted. Well........... I hadnt realized how much I exerted myself and passed out comfortably with the aneros still inserted. I was awoken later that night in ecstasy not knowing what in the world was going on, except for the fact that I was cumming all over my chest and I was cumming more than I ever had even compared to all night masturbation sessions in highschool. After depleting all the fluids my prick was capable of ever expelling I passed out again.
    I woke up in the morning happy and energetic and shocked I fell asleep with the aneros still in. I carefully removed it, but I guess there was too much friction and later a small hemorrhoid flared up. I had only used one of the shooter tubes that came with my aneros kit and didnt plan on falling asleep with it in. I have since learned that more lube can be necessary, and a high fiber diet and some cream will fix you up for any minor accidents.
    Every time I think of this experience I say the aneros was worth trying out and I love it (feel myself getting excited). I still haven't experienced a super O, but maybe getting the more intense helix will fix that, for now I am going to keep enjoying my mini o's who knows what tomorrow brings.
  • Wow good work :) thats a little out the ordinary in progress Im not sure if I have had mini o's but I have had lots of pleasure and wierd things happen to me I have been using my helix 6 weeks now I also got it over december was the best xmas gift I could have gotten myself :) feel free to read my blog entitled An insight into a personal aneros journey may make a good read as my experiences have been a little random at times
  • It's taken me 20 months to get this thing to work. I have managed to really 'make it go' about 4 or 5 times.

    To newbies, I would say that I KNOW that a bunch of the posts here sound like they are from crazy people. But believe me, they are serious.

    And I KNOW that some of the advice seems kind of dumb. But believe me, it is serious. I haven't read anything on this board that didn't turn out to be true, and I was extremely skeptical.

    Last night, I was laying face down and the fucker had me whimpering and squealing under my breath 'I'm not a fag! I'm not a fag! I'm not a fag!' as I lay writhing in my own cum.

    I am totally straight. But this thing really has me wondering if gay sex could really be that good.