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DRY-O's RETURN with Eupho!
  • Hi guys,
    Some of you know my story. I have been using Aneros for about six years. After the first six months I was flying HIGH achieving MULTIPLE DRY-O's ANYTIME I wanted. :)That lasted for about a year. Then, Life happened and I go SUPER STRESSED OUT and my Dry-O's disappeared.:(. I have not posted in a long time but I JUST HAD TO POST THIS!

    Well, I was chatting last night with a few people and they were all having such a GREAT TIME I decided to have a session too! Plenty of nice p-waves etc but nothing to write home about....this went on for MOST of the night. Got a few hours of zzzz then early this morning I inserted EUPHO and again nothing spectacular. I was SO HORNY I decided to do something I had done with Progasm and Maximus before but it ALWAYS leads to EJAC.....I lay on my stomach and push my fist UP and IN just above my Penis Shaft. TO MY DELIGHT and WONDERFUL SUPRISE I did NOT EJAC!! Instead I had MANY MANY MANY DRY-O's OVER and OVER again!! I rode those DRY-O's for what seemed like 20 minutes!!! WOW.I was MOANING and trembling and my Boxer shorts and Tee shirt and bed Sheets were SOAKING WET with SWEAT!!! I am STILL TREMBLING and have BUTT BUZZ as I write this from such a GREAT SESSION. I wanna have a session and NOT use my fist and see if I may have FINALLY been able to RELAX and JUST LET THE DRY-O's CUM again! THANKS to ALL who have given me encouragement and support and kind words over the last few years!

    Has anyone else used this method of fist pressed against pubic area above penis shaft while laying on Stomach? If so, does it lead to EJAC for you?? I am not sure if it was the method or if I was FINALLY able to just RELAX again....All I can say if WOW!!
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 308
    Fantastic, utube. Glad to hear of your successes!!! Let's hear it for individual journeys that take us on our own paths.