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Aneros and Sex Sessions Question
  • wisdomwisdom
    Posts: 38
    I got a quick question........I made a thread about an hour ago about my first ever orgasm with my MGX and how it took 8 months.......and i've been reading on this site since i've bought my aneros......well alot of the men here seem like they don't have sex much with their wives/girlfriends and as long as they have their aneros, they are cool with that.......and since they don't participate in activities with their wife/girlfriends, they hold out from masturbation for a few days and partake in aneros release

    I guess what i'm getting at is for the ones that have sex regularly with their wives/girlfriends, do you find it harder to achieve an aneros orgasm? Or is it the same because you have already "rewired" yourself?

    I ask this because me and my wife have high sex drives and we have sex at least 3 times a week or more for the most part unless she is on her period........And this past weekend, i was able to achieve an aneros orgasm because we got into an argument, didn't have sex for days and I stopped masturbating because i wanted to try a different angle to achieving my goal.......and I must say, that i did!!!....

    so now that me and my wife are ok again and made up last night, does that mean it will be that much harder for me to achieve an aneros orgasm because i'm receiving a tradition orgasm multiple times a week? will i have to wait till she's around her period to prepare myself?

    I love the feelings and i'm aimming higher than I achieved over the weekend with my aneros.....if i can, i would like to have my cake and eat it too
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    The married contingent here understands your plight. My feeling is that it certainly slows things down -- a whole bunch!

    However, we are married or with g/f's or partners and being budding Anerosians are, UP TO THE CHALLENGE !!!

    My wife is a fine lady who feels that intercourse isn't at all proper until I shoot my best wad. Went through several months of just what you are addressing. Rationing myself between sex and the Aneros.

    //start whine// Being an old guy without all the semen generation capacity I had years ago... /// etc ///

    Got stretched thin. My wife became ill and that curtailed our relationship for several months. Not at all a blessing but it did shift my action to the Aneros side of the fence for several months.

    Just a matter of planning. Sometimes outside social obligations or kids or whatever will upset your plans and knock you off your schedule by a day or two -- not a disaster -- you'll recover and put the puzzle pieces back into place.

    Regards, enjoy & hang loose