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Sucess after changing of model
  • For the past 3 months, i had been using MGX with few success. The most i could get is a mini-O. I decided whether or not should i get another model, which is more popular that MGX; the Helix. After giving a deep thought, i decided that i would take my chance spending quite a sum of buck on helix.

    I saw threads saying different models have different type of pleasure that is being created, and helix is a more aggressive type against the prostate.

    Upon inserting of Helix, immediately, pleasure generated. Have not been like this for using MGX. Then soon, mini-O, it is 200% faster reaching this stage. And lastly, a sudden attack of super-O.

    Aneros is not for anyone. You will feel disappointed at times, but just don't give me. Maybe i can get Super-O on MGX, but needs a longer time, and for this, helix, speed up my progress.

    SO DON'T GIVE UP, some gets super-O in 1 days, some took years and some gave up. When you give up, it means that you will never experience what is super-O. So don't stop trying.
  • randyrandy
    Posts: 2
    I have been using the mgx for several years. Finally--got there. Found that super lubing up and going to sleep a couple of times. I would like to get there more often and with a little more certainty. Thinking maybe the helix?

    Also, I have to ask? it is hard to admit but it makes me feel very feminine and eroticly charged, like someone else, like a women- is that true for others?
  • Yeah, me too, i just imagine i am a female. This helps to stop touching your penis.
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    I'll get my HELIX tomorrow :D can't wait :D though for a couple days the MGX has worked for me really well! :D
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    I just got my HELIX :D I agree! It's much better than MGX :D