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Some questions to carify
  • 1. Does masturbating on non-aneros days vs non-masturbating for 3 days in a row shows difference in the sensitivity of prostate when aneros is inserted to achieve super-O?

    2. Can i still able to achieve super-O one day after i got super-O? I realised that after achieve super-O, the next day, i cannot sense anything except very mild pleasure.

    3. I got so far 2 Super-Os, 5 days apart. But it is different. The 1st is more intense with tingling sensation of whole body but the second without tingling sensation but still great. Is it normal? How do i get prepare to have as intense as it can be? Do i rest like for 2 weeks? Or i can get it every 2 days?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    1. Everybody is different. Depending on the level of your sex drive, you might be able to have intense sessions every day, including ejaculation, or you might have to wait a week, abstaining from any kind of sex.

    2. As I said, that depends on your sex drive, amount of sleep, stress, diet, mood, the weather, etc.

    3. Experiences vary, session to session. I'd be surprised if anybody here has sessions that repeat themselves in every respect.


  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hi jacfood,

    How long one has been on the journey also has an effect. With over 18 months in this game, any sensual action seems to ask for more sensual action.

    I think it was important for me, as a nube, to focus more on Aneros action than penile action. For over six months I'd only ejaculate when my wife asked for me to do so.

    I found that after I began to 'dependably' dry-O my 'drive' split into two 'forks.' I started distinguishing between them and that the interaction between the two became less. While ejaculation had an effect on both, it eventually had less effect on my craving for a dry-O. (The desire for a dry-O stood on its own.)

    At first, I could feel horniness in my pelvis and in my ribs (a place where I'd not felt 'horniness' before.) OTOH, warmth in the core of my torso and in my ano-rectal-prostate complex indicated craving for a dry-O.

    Months later, ejaculation or a Super-T following massage threapy would spike my craving for a dry-O. (granting time for the oxytocin-prolactin to retreat -- about 6 hours for me) So, one sensual activity would actually compliment the other.

    The things to watch for in your journey are when penile orgasm is sensed separately from the muscular contractions of ejaculation. The penile focused orgasm becoming an 'envelope' to surround the pleasure of contractions. Pleasure may split among two or more areas as you gain this.

    In the same way, your pleasureable dry-O becomes an 'envelope' that surrounds muscular or neurological responses in the area of physical focus. that may be perineal, anal, or rectal/prostate with radiation to other response loci.

    Make sense?

    Oh yeah, right now, the 'horniness in the ribs' has taken a back seat to plain old penis-vas defferens horniness. However, I get more Dantien (naval chakra) energy for both drives/cravings. Possibly because I haven't been very active sensually during the Holiday season. .... gotta stir the pot!

    As far as the variety in Super-Os, they are what and where your brain takes you. I've found that how I meditate at the start of a session and how I establish arousal and, which toy I use influences where my session takes me. Ten_s_nut is spot on with there always being differences to explore. Vive le difference !!