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Question about my progress
  • Hello fellow Anerosians,
    I've been an on and off user for sometime but only once did I get any really good results maybe a year ago. I had a bit of spare time up my sleeve so I dusted off the Eupho and have been giving it a go, I've always got good sensations from this device but just in the last week it's moved up a level.
    So I do my usual relaxation then light contractions focussing on the pleasant sensations that my prostate brings, I've also added a KSMO type breath and at the moment my belly expands I do a light contraction. Now this is when things got interesting. At some point, I feel a slight involuntary pelvic rocking, usually I would note this and observe the feeling fade away, but for some reason this time I thought to just go with it and consciously add a little one of my own, this seemed to trigger a wave of movement through my body which manifested itself as undulations throughout my torso, they were by no means uncontrollable, I could stop at any moment, I also feel I could continue for as long as I wanted, it was blissful yet not mind blowing, the feelings of pleasure were centred mainly in my pelvic region. I wondered whether the movements of my body are interfering with design of the Eupho, I could feel the tail contacting the bed at times and the P tab also against my perineum, but not it pulsing, but a dragging feeling because of my squirming. My question is, am I manipulating the Eupho by stealth? I may not be using my hands, but other external surfaces are being engaged. Is this the path to Super-O land? Or am I languishing in a wayside stop? It's a pretty good wayside stop, I could only describe it as a state of very high arousal, a delicious place to be. What do you guys think?