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Unusual use of tongue during orgasm
  • I came across this video a couple of days ago of a woman having an orgasm with trembling in her body. I have been searching to see if women are able to achieve the equivalent of the male Super-O.
    I noticed what she did with her tongue as she neared orgasm. Well, I tried doing the same during my session and it seems as though the tongue might be tied to the prostate as are the nipples.
  • She probably has a tongue fetish. It looks that way anyway.

    Is there an update on the situation?
  • Wagging the tongue from side to side and in and out while circling the nipples during a session DEFINITELY amplifies the feelings in the prostate region. This is quite a bit different from Darwin's nursing technique.

    I would suggest waiting until you are sufficiently aroused before trying it.

    In addition you can stick your tongue out and wiggle the tip of it. You can also try opening your mouth in various configurations as if mouthing the words, You, Oh, and Ah. I have found that this will rekindle the fire, so to speak.
  • karyonkaryon
    Posts: 34
    This has been my experience too. I have found that moving the tongue side to side and in and out, almost as if mimicking fellatio, does seem to enhance prostate feelings. I'm not sure how I figured this out, it just seemed to happen spontaneously.

    Curiouser and curiouser. . . k
  • Wow, just had sex about 30 min ago and then read this, I know I still have sexual energy left over in my body and am post-coital so I'm sure that helps, but when I tried this it sent waves down my body. Thank you!!