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An Aneros game
  • We've all heard how important it is to relax and pay attention during an Aneros session. You're supposed to drop expectations and let it happen. But then you read about how you are supposed to experience certain things like p-waves and involuntary contractions, but not to expect them. I find that really hard to do. In spite of lots of meditation and discipline, my mind seems always to chase after these things. Was that a p-wave? How good was that p-wave? Can I keep those "involuntaries" going?

    I tried a little game with myself during the last couple of sessions, and I had a good time. I decided to see if I could avoid p-waves and contractions. I would breathe and relax as usual, but instead of hoping for and encouraging those effects, I tried to suppress them. As soon as I felt a glimmer of pleasurable sensation or the impulse to contract, I would try to "relax it away." I found it impossible to do. The more I tried to avoid those sensations, the stronger they became. It reminded me of the game of "seduction" my high school girl friend and I played. One of us would remain passive while being kissed by the other. Eventually it became very hard to resist the seduction.
  • rumelrumel
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    Over on Jack Johnston's KSMO Forum the conditions you speak of are called "Chasing the Fawn" and encountering "mind noise". Veteran member 'darwin' also touched upon these topics and suggested something similar to your "seduction game" in his excellent post titled My theory of orgasm success. I encourage all members to read that post for its good insights.

    I concur with you, this game may be a useful mental technique to initiate actions when other techniques are proving ineffective, thanks for reminding us of the multiple possibilities available along our journey.
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  • KorkelzKorkelz
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    This is an interesting topic, because I previously tried to ignore P-waves as a way to generate them. Maybe I should have been trying to suppress them instead. There's no real technique here, just mentalities. Lately I've been experiencing random times where I feel my body wanting to do a few quickened belly breaths (something like the sobbing breathing technique), many times doing this has preceded a p-wave... almost as if I'm detecting a potential for the onset of a p-wave. It's not chasing, yet it's not igoring/supressing.

    In an aneros video: Lite (BETA) - Porn it talks about holding body tension to create a pseudo-involuntary shaking which could lead to other things; another form of "listening" perhaps?
  • I don't see where this helps though, because now you focus on surpressing your p-waves instead of focussing on encouraging them. I mean, if it does help, sure, go for it, but theorywise this doesn't seem to make much sense.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I agree with 'grayfox' here. I am not in favor of suppressing or ignoring any feelings surrounding Aneros use. In 'darwin's post, he doesn't talk about suppressing anything or ignoring anything but about where we focus our attention.[quote=darwin;66813]chasing the orgasm
    our main goal is to clear the way for our body to give itself pleasure. we get things rolling, but once in motion the amazing thing about this kind of stimulation is that the body starts doing it by itself. we hear this over and over in postings when guys describe the aneros taking control of them.
    if we stay relaxed and undistracted that definitely helps. we also want to keep our attention away from wanting an orgasm. that is a classic distraction. the breathing helps there, to keep your mind away from that trap.

    With regard to the YouPorn video, holding the body tension harkens back to traditional masturbation to induce an ejaculatory orgasm, if this is what you desire then by all means go for it, but it may or may not lead you to the Super-O. You'll just have to experiment for yourself on that technique.
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  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Hey MultiD_Eroticist, don't allow your mind to get clouded with what others (me included) are saying. The important thing is that you've found a mentality that works for you. Hold on to that and your experiences will guide you further.

    rumel, I'm not experienced with this, but I surmise that inducing ejaculatory orgasm requires the kind of tension that does not allow any room for your body to bring you into greater pleasure. I believe the YouPorn video is suggesting a light tension that can amplify involuntaries that come with aneros sessions, just like how you can "feel" when you should quicken your breathing based on arousal (useful for breathing techniques).
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    I was inclined to agree with grayfox and rumel because the idea seems so counterintuitive, but then early this morning during my aneros session I tried a slight variation of it and was surprised to find it was working. I made no change in my contractions, breathing, etc., I didn’t try to suppress the feeling, I just gently asked my mind to kind of “pull away” from it. And as it did so, the pleasure, instead of fading, seemed to increase, and the feeling was exciting. No orgasm (nothing new there) but it definitely kicked the pleasure to a higher level. I did this at least a dozen times.

    It’s hard to explain why, but I have a theory. I remember as a small boy when one of my parents would tickle me under the arms or on the stomach. I would laugh uncontrollably and instinctively try to pull away. It was neither pain nor discomfort, but there is something about being tickled that makes us want to pull away, as if it is so intense we can’t bear it. Yet the very act of pulling away seems to amplify the pleasure.

    I think something similar was happening with this morning’s prostate stimulation. My hips began writhing as I imagined my prostate both enjoying the sensation and at the same time trying to get away from the “tickling” of the aneros, but unable to do so, and the result was a kind of delicious torment.
    Possibly the prostate pleasure we feel has two components: the main component that just feels good, and a secondary component that “tickles” and tries to get away, and the combination of the two is what makes it so extraordinary.

    I’m going to try it again tonight and see if I can reproduce it.