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Experience sharing
  • I bought MGX for 3 months+ and i still unable to get super-O. However, i realised that i starting to know the technique that suits me. Let me share with those who failed and got depressed. Every session i took is about 1 + hour to 3 hours

    Day 1 - Got MGX. Started using, followed instructions provided. Slight pleasure felt.

    Day 15 - Still following the instuctions by contracting and relaxing. No outcome. Mainly because i contracting too hard, and relaxing too fast. Changing position to see any improvement but no outcome

    1 month - Managed to know a trick by contracting hard without relaxing as long as possible. Result improved. Body trembled, increase in pleasure.

    1 1/2 month - Somehow i managed to get a mini-O for a duration of about 15 sec after a 2 hours of contraction session. penis got erect, heart rate increase, respiratory increase. Maybe the reason i got the mini-O partly due to i am tired enough to relax. Remembered the position (lie flat on stomach).

    2 month - Using the same position which i got the mini-O. And still using the technique for contracting hard and hold as long as possible. Unable to get a mini-O. Only body trembles violently and slight pleasure.

    3 months - Attemped to give up position. Changing position and found that lie on stomach suits me the most. A intense pleasure once in a while when trying to hold about 60% of my full contraction strength. Also found out that lube cannot last for two hour (ky gel).

    3months + - 1st 2 hours, still try to contract about 60% and relax but no outcome. Lube my MGX every 30 mins. I got tired and try to hold contraction at 10-20%. Got a series of intense pleasure wave (about 4 times), penis got erect, heart rate increase, respiratory increase. Felt prostate heat up. Realised that my prostate locked up to my MGX. I can feel the pleasure will continue if i continue to hold, however, i choose to rest and to try it next session.

    So guys, don't give up. You will never know. Hope this helps those who failed to speed things up.