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toy cleaning ?
  • just qurious as to what some of the other members do when cleaning there toy ?what ever type it may i use the ice ..and do as most of us ..will find it a tad gamey.. as in odor ..useually clean mine with a good soapy cleanser ...then also need a rinse with a mouth wash (scope) heh heh sort of thing to kill the gamey odor any advice?
  • I'm using Dr. Bronner's peppermint liquid soap in hot water with my MGX, Helix and Eupho. They are all odorless.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I leave mine (don't have the Ice) running under hot tap water for several minutes while I purge my rectum afterward, then wash it with soap. There are no stains or smells on any of my devices.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    After a session, I dump everything into a small bucket of dilute Dawn antiseptic detergent to soak. In the shower I scrub each toy with dawn and warm water and hang them to dry. Lube shooter gets a fast workout with detergent and warm water.

    I've not seen any staining on the Aneros stuff (religious about douching before a session and all my session lubes -- mostly Shea+Coco -- are fluid at body temp); however, all the toys get a dishwasher run every week or two.

    The Peridise and de-tailed SGX do see some 'dirty-hole' duty using Crisco as a lube. They do stain. They get scrubbed, then a soak in h-peroxide before the dishwasher run. I toss the syringe nozzle and a short length of rubber rectal tube into the peroxide. My "supervising RN" suggests that tubes and nozzles also get a trip through boiling water every couple of weeks. Everything is pristine white including the Peridise ! (there's a hygiene cop in this household. 8-)

    I think a good indicator of cleansing efficiency is what happens in the hydrogen-peroxide soak. If bubbles are forming on the surface of a tool, that's an indicator to me that there was a film of something on the surface.
  • sounds sgood t me
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I use bio-pac dish soap (plant based biodegradable soap) and warm water. It turns out nice and clean with no smells.
  • I run my Helix under hot water and kind of rub it with my hands for a minute or two before and after each session--before, mostly to heat it up (and partially negate the coolness of the lube) and after, to clean it. That's all I do. I've read that you're supposed to use soap, but I haven't seen a need. I haven't been using for all that long, so perhaps I'll see staining in the future, but I haven't so far. Is there any danger in what I'm doing?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello DJMinkus, :)

    From a cosmetic point of view, I suppose it depends on what type of lube you are using and whether your current wash procedure removes any feces smells. My point being that if you are using oil based, or silicone based lubes, they will not likely be washed clean without soap. As far as dangerous bacterial issues from not using soap? I have no idea. I'm not even sure what regular soap does to bacteria, and what difference it would make seeing as how your Helix is going right back in the same place where it got any bacteria on it in the first place. (Anyone with a biology background care to comment about this?) For myself, because I use unrefined 100% shea butter for lube, which is a natural plant based oil, I need to use soap to wash the lube off. Plus I like it clean and free of smells.

  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    From personal experience, I have found that the best way to ease cleanup is to douche your rectum beforehand. I use a little syringe meant for giving children liquid medicine. I shoot 20ml of warm water, let it stay for a minute or two, then release it. When I've been in a hurry and skipped this step, the tool has been hard to clean and retains an odor. Even when I've douched, it sometimes comes out with something stuck to it. But, for some reason, it's easier to clean off and doesn't leave a smell.
    As for cleaning, I use hot water and an anti-bacterial soap. I suds it up really well with my hands, then rinse. Nothing too elaborate...