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Aneros to restore/improve sexual ability and performance?
  • I originally became interested in the Aneros, when I discovered it and read up about it on (which I believe is another official company site). I was particularly attracted to Aneros, not just for its pleasure-giving abilities, but more for it's purported ability to restore and improve sexual [intercourse] ability. The site made mention of "Improving all-around sexual performance, "Improvements relating to impotence, erectile dysfunction due to direct stimulation of the prostat's neural plexus" and " from session to session the man will have firmer erections, more stamina, and stronger orgasms, with or without the Aneros."

    So I am wondering if there is anyone out there that has dealt with E.D. or other related sexual dysfunction and/or performace issues, and has used the Aneros to reverse or improve their condition and improve their performace (outside of using the aneros during the actual intercourse). Specifically, how did you use the aneros (what procedures/practices/ routines) to accomplish your goals?

    I thank everyone, in advance! :)
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Not sure if this is relevant to you fortwayne but here goes.
    I am 53 and my wife is mid 40's.
    Everything is pretty good downstairs as far as I know.

    We have intercourse as normal when we can be bothered.
    She normally arrives before I do.

    If I feel that I am starting to wilt I withdraw and retire to the bathroom.
    Quick lube with Vaseline and insert Helix.
    This provides an immediate boost(just like an afterburner)
    I then return to the fray and within a few minutes the job is complete.

    I only use the Helix for this as I ejected my MGX once during orgasm.
    Thankfully nothing followed it.
    I can retain the Helix.

    Session wise I try to have at least 1 hour a couple of times a week.
    I think the use of Aneros has had a positive effect on my health.
    Also I have met some great people on this forum.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hi again fortwayne,
    Favorite topic of mine. Several months before I got involved in the forum, my wife and I sought a p-spot tool. Our first purchase was a failure and our local adult toy shop suggested the Aneros Helix. One of the Aneros tools (nowdays either an SGX or Peridise) is a steady partner to our foreplay and copulation. I still use it to enhance the experience but am gaining some multi-orgasmic capabilities which is what this is all about.

    From an E.D. perspective I think penile blood flow is slightly enhanced (over static) during sessions. And, it's well-oxygenated due to the breathing and meditation practices we observe during our sessions. In theory, that should fight fibrotic tissue development in the cavernosa.

    I'm not one to shout "cured" but I have noticed some improvements. I have generally better nocturnals than I did before I started Aneros use. I don't know whether that's a result of reduced fibrosis, increased Testosterone or some other factor(s). I am more responsive to Levitra, now getting a double spike during the night with some carry over to the next day (not gud enough for sex but loose enuf to look OK around the gym :). I'm measurably more responsive to Trimix (Now down to 14 units versus 18 units a year ago for a 3+00hr. erection.)

    Those factors and a definite decrease in lateral curvature make me believe that my fibrosis is less serious than it had been been a year ago.

    The real goal here is to gain a multi-orgasmic capacity but you'll learn more about that later on.

    enjoy ... rook