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Found Out My Problem Is Hemmaroids
  • Hi guys i have finally found out the cause of my aneros troubles and by that i mean all the
    discomfort and minor pains i have been getting whilst using aneros and experiencing pain and discomfort
    for days after i have finished using aneros, i have know this for about two months now but have been too lazy too post about it, anyways about two months a go i was having a little bit of pain and discomfort on
    the rim of my rectum especially when i inserted and took out the aneros and upon feeling the rim, the opening to my anus i discovered a lump and after that i felt it a few more times and i became convinced thatit was a hemmaroid, so i headed out for a trip to the local GP to confirm my suspicion and told him what the problem was and what i thought it might be and he felt it and he asked whether it was bleeding and i said "no" and i told him it was swollen and painful and after a short pause i asked him whether it was a hemmaroid and he said "yes" so it looks like my good friend chuck's wife was right earlier on when he was giving me a lot of support with this issue and we would talk about this issue over yahoo nearly every day and i would constantly obsess about it, and i would constantly wonder what the issue was what was causing my discomfort and pain and even his wife who is nurse by the way she knew about it because i got him to ask her what it might be after i explained to him some of symptoms and she said "hemmaroids after i told him that one of my main symptoms was pain running down my legs so she was right after all many thanks to him and his wife for all the great support they have given me which has really reallt helped where would be without great friends eh?

    Now i am thinking it either caused by three things and that is:

    (1) Sitting down infront the computer for long periods at a time.

    (2) Drinking to much caffein i am addicted to the stuff i usually drink
    Like five or six cans of the stuff each night no thanks to my alcoholism
    which makes me addicted to everything ffs well alteast i have something
    to blame.

    (3) Anal sex when i was at the doctors he asked me whether i had been using my
    device and he said sometimes using things up there can cause these things, and i also
    read on the internet that too much anal sex can cause these things i wouldnt be suprised
    if this is the case because i use like 10 long queit thick dildo's that is just another sexual addiction
    of mine why do i have to be addicted to everything it is so god damn freaking annoying.

    We'll i am either thinking that using the dildo's along has caused this or either that the stretching
    of rectum wall caused by the aneros contracting and pulling on the walls of the rectum is casuing it to
    be weakened leading to weakened blood vessels. So i am asking you guys what you think is most likely
    the cause and what can i do to help get rid of them, what can i do take or use is there anyhting at all i can do? It's really fun you know because they say the peridise is supposed to help treat hemmaroids but all i has done it made them freaken worse, and even if turns out that using aneros is causing this issue
    i still will not stop using aneros by the way it is not going to freakin kill me even if i have to suffer a little bit to get what i want i will still use it regardless of what happens it's either that or i risk killing myself over it, so i think i kno which is the better option when faced with that choice.

    Thanks guy cheers happy anerosing

  • gilbertgilbert
    Posts: 10
    I think that this could be a solution for you. Have heard that the Peridise can have positive effects on hemmorhoids.
    Moreover, the docs offer usually rubber band ligation to cure this. Maybe there are some other experts who can suggest you another treatments. So I just added my opinion :). Good luck!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I may have suggested this to you before but I agree with 'gilbert', you can but give them a try.

    I obtained my complete set from HIH direct (as 'Peristal") and they provided me with a complete set of instructions to go with them. I might also suggest that you lay off other Aneros models to give the Peridise (s) a chance to really work. I followed HIH's instructions to the letter and have found that over the past year, my haemorrhoids have all but disappeared. There is still a little occasional itching, but I haven't yet used the smallest of the set, so I guess my treatment is not quite complete.

    This however, doesn't get in the way of using other Aneros models and I do still frequently use the Eupho and the Helix. I am not much into the larger models so it doesn't worry me that I don't get to use the Progasm or Vice. (maybe they will come later). I strongly believe in the dictum "hasten slowly". There is plenty of time, even at my age!

    Best of luck and enjoy the Peridise.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,774
    I've a long-term association with hemmorhoids, as did my father. Little doubt that hours spent crammed into airplane cockpits and grunting through high 'g' events aggrevated a genetic pre-disposition. I've twice been the 'beneficiary' of the 'band ligation' that gilbert mentions -- not fun to have done and not pleasant while waiting for the tissue to die a slow death and get shoved out with a bowel movement.

    I was apprehensive starting my Aneros practice (Helix) and was surprised when I had fewer incidents of bleeding or irritation than before I started. The smooth-stemed toys, (Maximus, Helix, Eupho and Peridise) seem best in this regard. The key for me seems to be offering pressure to compress the tissue simultaneous with movement to improve blood circulation.

    My occasional flare ups seem to follow dietary abuses, International travel or extended automobile trips with two or three days on the road. When those happen, I follow the protocol that Pommie discusses with the addition of a small amount of hemmorhoidal medication (one FDA approved for internal use) smeared on the two bumps on the Peridise stem.

    Hope this helps.