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It might be longer rewiring process for some
  • slimjm in caveofmystery thread

    You wrote,
    "Another interesting, though non-Aneros related connection between urinary and anal sphincter tone mentioned in some of the information I read is the concept of the ano-urethral reflex. Turns out they did research and verified medically what we already know from when we get up early in the morning and have to pee and take a dump really bad at the same time, that one or the other will occur first, but never both simultaneously. Turns out research showed that defecating which involves a relaxed anus tightens the tone of the urinary sphincter and conversely, urinating which requires a relaxed urinary sphincter tightens the anal sphincter tone, which maybe explains why those who relish passing flatus audibly while urinating can only do so near the end of voiding. I know of no direct applicability this concept has to Aneros usage, but these numerous relationships between the two sphincters suggest that the function of one can't be totally isolated from that of the other."

    I would like to differ with your suggestion. When I was 7, I had a sledding accident (on a snowy hill) that severely bruised my kidneys. I spent about a week in the horripiddul (what my brother and I called the hospital back then). The nurses would get after me for peeing in the bed pan when I had to BM. I was not able and still cannot separate the two when I sit down. When I need to do both, I must sit because they both start at the same time. I routinely do both simultaneously. Flash forward until I was in the horripiddul again last summer. This time it was a GI infection. They needed to track the ins and outs. I again had to put effort into keeping both ends separate. I would need to sit on the hat and hold a urinal so the nurses could keep accurate records. Indicating that even at a young age I could relax both sphincters and still can.

    So I would be interested in hearing from anyone that can do both at the same time. I question whether I am built different. I would speculate that this a "learned behavior"? Although I have no background in human anatomy to support my speculation. We have learned here on the Aneros forum that MMO's, separating orgasm from ejaculation, and "male squirting" are all possible to those that have an open enough mind and the patients to explore them.

    How does this relate to Aneros? Well I speculate that "rewiring" for some might be longer because some of the muscle control pathways need to be found and reprogrammed as well. That it is much more complicated for some than learning to interpret new pleasurable signals from your anus and prostate. This would help explain why some when they relax the urinary section of the PC muscle group they expel their Aneros's.


  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 572
    Hey, churney. Though I've not gone back and read caveofmystery's whole thread to recall the context in which I related the above, I believe there was some discussion about separating PC contractions from anal contractions for the purpose of better identifying and utilizing the PC contractions to drive the orgasmic responses derived from using the Aneros. Some men apparently are better able to separate the two than others and I found a medical study (which I believe was done actually more to evaluate incontinence issues) in which there was described a reflex tying the urinary and anal sphincter functions together and so I offered this merely as a suggestion, being there's a connection between the two sphincter's functions, as to possibly why it could be difficult, at least for some, to separate PC contractions from anal contractions. As I recall, the study found that for most persons, the initial act of relaxing one sphincter tended to tighten the other, but this probably does not rule out that for some, perhaps including yourself, both could be relaxed at or near the same time. I have been able to have both functions occur in relative conjunction with each other, but not with both sphincters relaxing and opening at the outset of both functions at the same time.