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Women and our toys.......

  • The below is a copy of a message to me from ForUs. She and I have chatted and decided that we would allow our conversation to be here for all to learn from as well. So, as women on the Aneros site.. we are sharing.

    "Thanks so much for the welcome! I've been lurking for a month or so, and I'm glad to see there are more women here. Hubby has said he's entrusted this to me, and wants to be lead a bit. Once he starts getting some payback, I'm sure he'll be more secure and may even make an account here.

    I see on your profile that you have the peridise. Do you use this, or is it for a partner? I must admit, I'm a bit curious about getting one for myself. (After 5 vaginal deliveries I tend toward hemorrhoid issues despite very good pelvic floor tone). I have never had any experience with anal play, and it's intriguing. "

    ForUs... we certainly are welcomed to have you here in the forum! It's always nice to have another female in our midst. I too have been a behind the scene type person and my reason to find Aneros was the exact same as your own. I was looking for something for my (then) husband. To answer your question I actually have two Aneros products, the Progasm and the Peridise. The Progasm was my first and holds a special place for me as it kinda' started me down a different path. I've never had hemorrhoid issues, but do have a a very good pelvic floor as well. Anal play isn't totally new to me, but certainly has been a learning experience. The Peridise as you've read is a device that has been used for hemorrhoids. As well, for women the ability to do kegel exercises works to tone and strengthen the anal region.

    When I first bought mine.. I went for the smallest size as I thought that fit my needs best. I found out later I should have followed the advice of the forum. The Peridise is sold in four sizes, with the intent to work from the largest size to the smallest as one's muscles become stronger. I know it sounds backwards, butt it works. The Peridise has also been found to be a unisex toy for both men and women. Lynn on the site is probably by far the most well known for her experience with the Peridise and looking up her posts will surely offer some interesting reading. It definitely is an experience.

    Hope this helps. Glad to see you here.


  • ForUsForUs
    Posts: 15
    Hi Nurselady! I've done a bit more reading on the boards, and have decided that the beginner's set will eventually be making it's way into our treasure chest. Unfortunately, since we are once again starving college students, the Helix will take precedence in the budget for now. Something tells me that after test driving with the Helix, a certain someone may be anxious to 'share', and I may be getting the set sooner than later. :)

    I am confused about one thing in your post, though. You said you also have the Progasm. I was under the impression that only the Peridise is considered unisex. Did you alter it by removing the front arm?

    Thanks again for the warm welcome.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    nurselady & ForUs,

    I am glad you two are willing to share, we males are so often excluded from frank sensuality discussions by women that a certain rejected feeling of discrimination arises. I sometimes wish I could be the proverbial 'fly on the wall' to hear what is said so that I could better comprehend the thought/feelings involved. Be that as it may, here on this Forum you will both get to be 'the flys' over hearing the male conversation counterparts.

    @ForUs, may I direct you to Alana's thread for her perspective on 'Progasm' usage.
  • ForUs,
    I do believe originally the Progasm was to be for the men. However, some of us women have found that to be quite a different story. I was given the Progasm as a gift. Left alone with my lovely purple Progasm and an evening alone in a hotel room I had a terrific time experimenting with it. I found by moving it back and forth vaginally I was able to achieve a very intense orgasm. Not only an orgasm, but my first instance of "female ejaculation." It truly was an experience. I have done nothing in the way of altering the Progasm. In fact, that arm is a good "handle". So, think of it in those terms.

    I so well remember the starving college student days! However, Christmas is around the corner...Maybe Santa will find you've been a good girl and can provide you a nice stocking stuffer.

    @ Rumel - Thanks again. You really are a great man and always make every soul feel welcome in this forum.

  • ForUsForUs
    Posts: 15
    I'll admit to a surprising flash of reticence when considering being completely frank while in 'the men's locker room', as shy isn't a word often used to describe me. I have no problem talking about sexual matters, but I realized that you are right; it has always been in a 'girls room' setting. It's one thing to be at work with (midwifery) clients talking about sex, even when the couple comes in together, and another talking with the guys. Hmm. I accept the challenge to stretch my boundaries a bit! (Thank you for the link to Alana's thread as well.)

    I wasn't even thinking about vaginal use *facepalm*. I hate it when I miss the obvious! Anyhow, that sounds more than a bit intriuging. I've never had a "female ejaculation", or even been keyed in to my gspot before. It seems I, too, could use some rewiring. It's as though once I discovered clitoral orgasm as a teenager that became the tried and true, even after I married. We have never had any toys in the bedroom (that's right guys, a woman who doesn't own a vibe!) but I can definitely see how experimenting with a Progasm could be beneficial. Again, with finances as they are, I'll have to play with the Helix. Right now hubby has to focus just to take one finger- if just one tool is purchased, there is no way it's gonna be a Progasm!

  • ForUs, welcome and thanks for joining us! It is always nice to get a womans perspective. :)

    Nurselady, good to see you posting again!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Thanks for bring this conversation out into the forum for all to read. It's much appreciated! :)

  • mrockmrock
    Posts: 16
    hmmm might have to pick one up for my lady.. :) thanks for posting this..
  • @ Bishop - Thanks for the kind words. That's very sweet of you.

    @ Love_is - You are welcome. Hope all is going well! Keep in touch.

    @ mrock - No doubt! Hope you guys enjoy.

    @ ForUs - No "facepalm" here ... Yeah, I think many have an "ahhhaaa" moment on occasion. Good luck and don't be a stranger.