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The most profound and essential asset in my journey...
  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    A year ago, two months after getting started with Aneros, I flew overseas and was stuck in a hotel room for about ten days with nothing much to do. I'd already been listening to aural porn on my iPod for some time, which had benefit my Aneros progress considerably, and then recalled experimenting with some binaural beat compositions a couple of years earlier. I wondered if there were any binaural beat apps for my (then new) iPhone, and found dozens in the App Store.

    Very quickly, they became my essential aid to the Aneros experience. In fact, starting a binaural beat app or composition now has effectively become the "instant on" switch for my pelvic region.

    If you haven't heard of these, they're based on the scientifically proven premise that brainwaves can be adjusted by playing differing tones into each ear. The brain calculates the difference between tones, and adjusts to match. So, for example, a 6 Hz difference, a high Theta wave, moves our mind into the zone of lucid dreaming. Their sound is a persistent wahwah "sonic strobing" effect.

    Binaural beats can be an uphill experience for normal people based on two issues/impediments, but it's my belief that many of us Aneros users will have no problem with either, and therefore that binaural beats and the Aneros experience go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    First, "normal people" have trouble getting into binaural beats because they're simply not prone to laying back to relax and clear their minds for extended periods of time. But, of course, we're already doing that, so "carving out time" is no issue for us at all.

    Much more importantly, "normal people" find the constant wahwahwahwah strobing sound of sine waves to be annoying, and most binaural apps or compositions including various other sound tracks to help mask the persistent wahwah drone. But I've found myself usually turning those additional tracks down to very quiet or off completely, because my body taps INTO the wahwah. I feel it within my pelvis, and the rhythms of my Aneros experience arrange themselves around the steady wahwah as if the sine waves were the spine of it. That is, not all my rhythms correspond to the wahwah, but they all proceed relatively to it. It's as if the wahwah provides an easy "attention span," a center of attention around which all my other rhythms can arrange themselves.

    And then, in turn, it seems as if I am particularly attuned, receptive, and affected by the binaural beats, exactly because my body (and particularly my pelvis) has become a big sensitive eardrum to them. I feel as if I've become a very good judge of competing apps' effectiveness.

    Thus, for the last ten months, I've spent 75% of my Aneros time listening to binaural beats, and enjoying their assistance toward Relaxation, Zen Meditations, Chakra Meditations, Lucid Dreaming, Positive Thinking, Arousal and various other altered states. And this Aneros time has been wildly successful. I get lost in tidal orgasms for an hour at a time, often two or three hours in a row (with breaks in between). As soon as I start an app or composition, my body "switches on," and I'm usually well up into delirious bliss within just five or ten minutes (though it often continues to deepen or broader indefinitely after that).

    So, if anyone here is interested (and I hope many will be), I'd be glad to write up various apps and strategies at some length (as opposed to the abbreviated pointers below), because personally, I can't imagine a greater asset for Aneros discovery than binaural beats, audibly and unmasked so that the wahwah becomes an asset of the experience, rather than an impediment.

    Quick recommendations/introductions:

    If you don't have an iPhone, both i-Doser and Jakub Koter sell binaural tracks through the iTunes Music Store. (i-Doser also makes a playback application for Windows, but it can be very buggy and frustrating.) i-Doser's "First Love" and "Ecstasy" are both fantastic, only 15 minutes long apiece, and do feature music along with the tones, very effectively. "Ecstasy" also features a bubbly young female voice, sometimes just chatting along unintelligibly, other times plainly in the throes of passion. They sell an "Orgasm" composition too, but it doesn't do much for me (despite repeated attempts), and leaves me hanging rather than flying. i-Doser's iPhone app comes with over a dozen very useful compositions and the option to buy more within the app. Perhaps a good introduction for many potential users.

    Jakub Koter sells "Theta Deep Relaxation & Stress Relief" through the music store. "Beats for relaxation" is probably the most essential service that binaurals have to offer us (along with lucid dreaming), so this may be useful for beginners. Koter makes an iPhone app called Sex Drive which is the BEST of several "virtual viagra" apps available, and sounds as if he's making music out of binaural beats (rather than adding music above binaural beats as i-Doser does). He's also delivered MindWave 2, which includes several useful programs (especially "Alternating Hypnotic Relax" and "Sleep Induction for Chattery Minds," which only quiets my mind while my body sizzles along with the rhythm.) Koter is exceptional for seeming to recognize and leverage how rhythm and binaural effects can augment each other. His programs are NOT drones - they stay on the move.

    The "essential kit," however, is provided by Banzai Labs. Their Brainwave and Altered States apps feature multiple programs apiece, and they provide more specialized apps like Zen Meditation, Deep Relaxation, and Arousal. These are not "straight" drones, but drone-similar progressions that actually help the mind ignore them while the body taps into their steady tempos. They provide basic ambient distraction tracks which I keep turned down rather low or off, but enough options to provide for new users to explore your own comfort levels. Their ambient sound "Stream" available in newer apps is particularly good.

    Thus, the i-Doser compositions are good for "quick supercharges" (as none of them run longer than 15 minutes). The Koter progressions (which are usually 5-10 minutes long and automatically repeat) are good for indefinite "I'm going to listen to this until I get sick of it." And the Brainwave apps are good for "I'm gonna lie down with x effect for a long determined period of time." Their Deep Relaxation is so good that I often lie down for the maximum 90 minutes of it.

    Anyway, to sum up, I still view porn fairly often (maybe 40% of my Aneros time) to keep my imagination stocked up, but if I had to choose ONE basic asset for my pelvic sexuality, I would definitely put binaural beats first.

    I'd give up my Aneros themselves before I'd give up Binaural Beats, at this point.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,604
    Agree. Gud stuff. Hypnaerosession with Alana is another excellent example.

    Really helps if your ear buds have a uniform response curve with no significant peaks around the frequency of the pilot tones-- usually somewhere between 100 and 300 hz. I tossed three pair of buds before I was pleased.

  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    [QUOTE=rook;89829]Agree. Gud stuff. Hypnaerosession with Alana is another excellent example.

    I checked out the samples, and didn't care for it personally, cause Alana's voice and lingual instructions generally were a real turn-off for me, but are the binaurals audible? I didn't notice their strobing effect during the samples, but I wasn't listening with headphones either. Much of my point above is that the strobing sound can be an incredible asset of its own. Unlike normal "non-Aneros" people, I believe we're in a unique position to "enjoy" them.

    Lately, I've been listening to everything through Bose' Noise Reductions headphones. I'd upgraded to Apple's in-ear buds prior, but they started causing some problems in my ears over time.
  • waverider
    Posts: 49
    I started out listening to that stuff...Idoser, Kelly Howell etc., and it definitely works, but then I figured out that all kinds of music work just as well, and frankly it's just more fun to listen to. Some music that I have had awesome orgasms to:

    Bootsy Collins
    Marvin Gaye
    Herbie Hancock
    Jaco Pastorious

    It's amazing what a little good music can do....and it's effortless. Just put on what you like sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • BigE
    Posts: 45
    I just recently picked up a didgeridoo & tibetan singing bowl cd. It sounds very similar to the binaural beats that I picked up on the net (understand that the free uploads aren't as good as the paid versions). I just used it with the aneros with very nice results. I think the effectiveness of the didgeridoo and bowls is in the vibrations; they really work with my body at least. I finished my session with 3 sounds of OM, took it to a whole new level.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,254

    While the simple binaural beats found in "HypnAerosession" may not be obvious in the posted audio samples, I can assure you they are there and are fairly obvious though not dominant in the full recording.


    "It's amazing what a little good music can do....and it's effortless. Just put on what you like sit back and enjoy the ride" - wise words comrade!

    You may be interested in the music playlist to be found in the Muse Music community group posting. You can join this group and add your specific music choices as well.

  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    Roger that, Rumel. If not for the voice activating the lingual centers in my brain, I'm sure I'd be lapping it up for its various other merits. But like I said, too, I really DO like hearing the rhythm of the beats.

    Thanks for that music group link - I'll check that out too.
  • Geezer UKGeezer UK
    Posts: 61
    Hi Tremelo

    As a long time advocate of Rumel's HypnAerosession I thought I'd have a look at your suggestions. I downloaded Banzai Labs "Deep Relaxation" and "Altered States" apps to my iPhone and plugged in my Klipsch x10i earbuds. Haven't had time for a full session (just listen - no Aneros) but Wow, it's definitely a concept that suits me. I like the wahwah sound but also enjoyed having a bit of background although not as loud as the preset. Obviously, having cut my teeth on the exceptional HypnAerosession I have a head start to reaping the benefits of these apps.

    Thanks for the heads up and only 59p each (think that would be 99c) although Altered States has gone up to £1.19 since I bought it 12 hours ago (must have been on sale). Fantastic apps for such a low price point compared to some of the crap in the App Store.

    Only last week I nearly bought Kelly Howell's "Ecstasy" as I'm constantly looking for new mood music. If I'm not playing HypnAerosession my favourite music is normally Enigma or Enya.

    The other thing I would say is that I've always played my HypnAerosession through speakers rather than my buds, it's just the thought of getting tangled - maybe I'll have to try a session with buds. How do you rate the Bose noise cancelling headphones? My x10i's are very comfortable and seal fantastic for soundproofing as opposed to noise cancelling.

    I look forward to you posting more recommendations as I think these apps could be a valuable life tool rather than just setting a mood for an Aneros session.

  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    Hey Geezer, I just recently upgraded from the Apple in-ear buds to the Bose noise-cancellers. The effect is quite different and took me some getting used to. With the in-ear buds, I tended to feel underwater (very cool), but with the noise-cancelling headphones, I had to struggle (successfully) uphill against a disassociation effect, in which my head felt a bit "out of body," which actually isn't all bad, because then the body is more prone to doing its own thing. I've learned to enjoy it, though the noise cancellation produces some fatigue in me after an hour or 90 minutes. (I have *very* sensitive ears, so I register the fatigue.) Overall, I've never been too thrilled about Bose' sound aesthetics generally (I'm a KEF man when it comes to music), and their headphones are no exception, but for these purposes, they're great. (I find Bose generally emphasizes saturation over detail, and when I'm listening to music, I want perceptibly empty space between details.)

    I'm glad you downloaded Deep Relaxation, since its effects persistently amaze me. (I listened to it for a short session earlier this evening.) In Altered States, I've lately discovered that the Zen Meditation is exceptional, especially if you're already far along your journey, and rewards me with very long slow build-ups that pay off wonderfully. I.e., the program really encourages the patience to just "let it happen." Floating is very good if you're already up into ecstasy, frustrating if you're not up there yet. Quiet Mind has treated me right many times, though sometimes (as with many binaural programs) the effects aren't most felt until the program is over. The Chakra Meditation is most unique in the Altered States assortment, because instead of encouraging relaxation, it seems to focus tension - when one is already feeling very horny and some animal desire for a profound experience, the Chakra Meditation will often deliver, and the different permutations (attention to different Chakra centers) keep the experience on the move.

    But by far my favorite in Altered States is Lucid Dreaming. It's my number one go-to app when I really want to fly out on a flight of sexual fancy. I've explored some of my darkest fantasies "in there," and have been amazed within myself. In a very positive way that has rewarded me with sexual mental intimacy to correspond with the physical intimacy I experience with the Aneros itself.

    I should add to all my report up above that the benefits (to us) of binaurals don't end when the programs do. During the program, my body tends to "bind" to the wahwah, which can be enormously fruitful. But then when the program ends and my body is "released" from the binding, I often experience some of my greatest intimacy and rewards as the tension of the binding is released - the structured/tension feeling turns into a more liquid/spontaneous feeling. Thus, newcomers to binaurals should probably settle on 30-45 minute programs, with another 15-30 minutes of "silent" Aneros time planned for after the program has completed. However, I'd recommend keeping the earbuds in or the noise-cancellation turned on to prevent a more counter-productive state change.

    Please do keep me posted, Geezer, either here or via PM, and I'll be glad to share helpfully in any way I can. I really do believe these two different methods of altering our states are virtually made for each other. I can't imagine my progress to date without audible binaurals as a central component. And my progress has been extraordinary.
  • McLovin
    Posts: 4

    I've been playing around with binaural beats for more than a year now with some promising results, so I was happy to see such an in-depth post on the topic. Thanks, and please continue to share any new discoveries, especially in the area of downloadable .mp3s.

  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    Will do, McLovin. You may want to go ahead and try i-Doser's Windows software and see if it works on your machine. (It does not work on mine.) But even if not, they sell several AACs through the iTunes Music Store. All their sexuality pack is very good, except as I mentioned above, Orgasm ironically does less for me (leaves me hanging). But First Love, Ecstasy, and Extend are all awesome. (I just rediscovered Extend a couple of nights ago - it's great if you're already flying.) Don't know if their Lucid Dreams, Rave, or Divinorum compositions are available in the iTunes Store or not, but they're all profound as well. (Divinorum comes on very strong, so I rarely start with it. Rave is much better for "easing in." First Love and Lucid Dreams both work well as either a first or second program.) Still working my way gradually through their other "drug-themed" compositions, with mixed results (as one would expect from the corresponding drugs themselves).
  • Tremelo,

    Could you elaborate on the aural porn that you have? I'm interested in getting some. Thank you.

  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    Hey Wintermute, I just extract the sound tracks from my favorite-sounding porn vids, save them as MPGs, and then load them into my iPod. I can elaborate on my process if you like - I use Quicktime to do it - but there's the basic idea. I've always been most attracted to vids based on how they sound.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,195
    Does anybody know if BrainSync's Ecstasy is an example of binaural beat?

  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    It appears, Darwin, that he's using either Binaural Beats or Isochronic tones, which do the same thing to the mind via a different method that doesn't require headphones. The key word in his product description is "Theta waves," which are yummy. :-)
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,195
    I tried to download from this site: Neuro-Sync // Discover your potential // Meditate and transform your mind // Neuro-Sync is here to help //

    i gave a 1euro donation, but could not ever find a way to get to the downloads i had just paid for.

    i sent mail to their support email address, and it is defunct.

    so, it seems that it is a dead/rip-off site, even though it looks great.

  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    That blows, Darwin, I'm sorry. It does seem there are some pretty fly-by-night outfits trying to milk the binaural craze. I'll keep looking for good ones outside the iPhone OS sphere and try to report them back here. At the moment, I can be sure that I-Doser's available AACs are quite good (especially the sexually themed ones), and of course the iTMS is entirely legit. But I'm researching other options in the meantime.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,254

    I'm sorry to hear about the "rip-off", however there are some links to other resources, like the free Gnaural software available for generating your own binaural beats.

    In answer to your previous question regarding Kelly Howell's Ecstasy - Yes it does employ binaural beat technology. I found this on the site - "The tones used to create binaural beat frequencies throughout the entire Brain Sync audio library are created with tones that fall within the range of 90 to 150 hertz."
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,195
    Believe it or not, i don't have an iPhone.

    I tried the Purple track from this site: - Isochronic Tones

    may have been the placebo effect, but, it got me pretty deep into penis-land

    (and the tracks are all free.)

  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    Right, Darwin, but what I meant was that i-Doser sells compositions as "downloadable music" through the iTunes Music Store. That's how I first got into them, years ago and before there WAS an iPhone.
  • tallguy
    Posts: 57
    Great advice Tremelo!!

    In fact, last night I downloaded i-Doser's "Sexual Simulations 1" album from iTunes. It includes First Love, Ecstasy (not to be confused with Kelly Howell's item of same name), Extend and Orgasm.

    I have listened to them all several times now. Being fairly new to the Aneros, and totally new to binary beats, I can tell you something is certainly going on here! I am not Super-Orgasmic yet, but with my Panasonic noise-reduction headphones on and lying in the dark with Aneros inserted, I found myself entering P-Waves much sooner. I like Ecstasy a lot...the girl's voice and panting do lend to some fantasies! First Love is cool, but the sound effects are a bit tiresome, including the gulls. I think I could easily get to the point where I would just prefer the beats themselves, plain, as I can very easily occupy my mind with other imagery.

    Last night (while traveling on the road, I have time and privacy) I listened to the entire suite several times (at various intervals) with my MGX or Progasm inserted. I spent the whole night buzzing, from bottom up, and enduring what essentially became frustrating series of P-Waves. Tough to relax and let the Super O come when you are this worked up! I am hoping to address this condundrum over the next couple of nights by trying to scale back my "exposure" to the binary beats and the Aneros itself to more limited doses.

    Suggestions welcomed. Thanks again Tremelo for your tips.
  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    Very cool, Tallguy! One immediate "tip" is not to be surprised if Orgasm is disappointing. It's never done so much for me. First Love once tired me somewhat, but has grown on me. Ecstasy is like my turbo instant-on button. I have rediscovered Extend lately, so only Orgasm gets my thumbs down.

    Similarly to your own inclination, I wearied of the melodies if I listened to them too much, and thus branched off in two different directions. On one hand, I started extracting sex sounds from my porn vids and loading them into my iPod (so without binaurals), and on the other, started exploring "merely beats" with the iPhone apps. (Eventually, I figured how to combine "merely beats" with my "soundtracks.")

    Recently, I had an observation with the i-Doser material that might be useful for you. I noticed I get my best results when I tune my body into the beats (feeling them within my pelvis) and tuning my mind/ears into the music (noticing its details and so forth). This split attention helps my mind stay out of the way of exerting any control over my body, and thus a more profound involuntaries experience.

    I would not, however, recommend binaural beats while driving. ;-)
  • derickderick
    Posts: 12
    Thanks Darwin and Tremelo. I downloaded several tracks and listeneed to one last night for about an hour while doing e-mail work. After I shut off the Isochronic tones, I had to grab onto the desk tight, due to the the overwhelming sensation of falling. I agree Darwin big time penis turnon for me too.
  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    Yeah, the mainstream coverage has so far been very unfortunately condescending and uninformed. It's kinda fascinating to watch, as American culture is so confused in its views about altered states generally.
  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    Hey Derick, yeah! I get so much intensity built up during the beats that their conclusion inevitably brings me enormous relief and euphoria all its own. At this point, I come my brains out *during*, and then it steps up to a whole 'nother level after. (And then often, I take that heightened level and apply another beat program 15 minutes later, to ratchet it up even further.)
  • derickderick
    Posts: 12
    Hey Tremelo, I used Isochronic tones for an entire two hour Aneros session this afternoon. After about one hour of enjoying the beat, I found that by contracting my PC's as hard as I could and holding them, I could in my minds eye see distinct flashes/pools of vivid color, purples, blues, and greens, each color was entirely seperate, no mixing at all, the edges were jagged but the color itself was crystal clear. I could repeat this as often as I wished, just like channel surfing on TV. Wahooooo! This is awesome! During the session, I remember my dad and I going to Military Air shows when I was in my mid teens. Helicopter Rotor's sound and vibrations when close enough would arouse me. Dad said when he was in the military and rode in copters the same thing happened to him and a few other guys to the pont of orgasm. Chopper-offing. He thought it had to do with stimulation that was ongoing and you had no power to stop or control he said eventually you just "gave up trying to fight it". Wondering if you think some of this sensitivity could be DNA encoded or otherwize passed down father to son?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,195
    i just spent an hour or so in the grips of various tracks from - Home Page

    man, what a trip through the o-zone! different tracks brought on different p-wave and orgasmic effects, like one had me just calmly leaking while others had me squirming around.

    tremelo, how about you give these a sample and compare to the ones you have telling us about. (these are free...)

  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    Yeah, Darwin, I have absolutely been meaning to check those out. Le me get to them this weekend.

    VERY interesting report about chopper-offing, Derick! I expect we are generally biologically sexually susceptible to "vibrators" in a myriad of forms (in which case the binaural beats would be "aural vibrators" - ooooooo, I like the clarity of that notion!)
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    After reading this thread I was intrigued.I was already acquainted with the Brainwave Generator(that made similar claims; lucid dreaming, hash,3rd eye chakra etc).
    Same idea with binaural beats, but apart from the fact it helped me to relax, the other claims turned out to be untrue.
    I still use the BWgen in combination with KSMO practise with the xbox x technique I can get full brainentrainment thru the speakers(no headphones required) with the added bonus of blocking out/keeping in noise and obviously getting my brain into the meditative/relaxed state.

    Though almost identical(preposterous) claims were made with i-doser, I still thought it worth the try(as almost everything digital is free on internet anyway), after all the BWgen was already around in the '90s when a few megabyte was a big deal, I figured surely things have moved on since then, why else is the mainstreammedia worried?

    So I dld a whole pack of i-doser....Almost 2 decades later it appears that we've moved back in time:( It's completely the same, though admittedly better pr/mediacoverage in promoting it.

    But I'm glad for you guys if it works for you, giving you more than just relaxation. I actually prefer my own 'compositions' with the BWgen to the stuff other ppl spend money on. It could just be me that it doesn't work on, the guys on the bwgen forum claimed(using a similar table to idoser frequencies for different effects)that putting a luciddream composition on their ipod actually gave them a lucid dream. Perhaps it did coz they got a bad sleep(a bit like Stephen Laberge's idea of putting some special goggles on,that would light up at certain times while sleeping, could induce a lucid dream

    Anyways, from years of experience with the Bwgen my conclusion is that it works for the different major zones(beta, alfa, theta etc)so it can help you be more awake, induce sleepiness,drowsiness, somewhere in between, but that subtle differences in frequencies can give an effect similar to xtc, lcd, hash, nope, I don't believe it.
  • Tremelo
    Posts: 141
    I wouldn't strongly disagree with your conclusion - I'm sure there's plenty of exaggeration in the claims, particularly i-Doser's. But I guess neither do I think they're entirely lying, lol. In i-Doser's case, I think they're sometimes using their musical accompaniment in rather brilliant ways to encourage the desired outcomes (i.e., I notice particular "smart moments" among their compositional decisions). And Jakub Koter does some amazing things with using the rhythm itself to encourage the desired effects (his Sex Drive is a rather stunning accomplishment, whereas many of his drug-themed compositions in his MindPhreak app do nothing for me, other than Crazy High, which does plenty).

    Having become so attuned to them (the whole "medium") now, I find there are certainly clunkers (both some compositions from i-Doser, like Orgasm which I dismiss often above, and some different iPhone apps from various bandwagon companies). I'm meaning to suggest above that we're in a unique position, where the strobing sounds can do us right (potentially) regardless of their brainwave effects, especially once we've tuned ourselves to tap our pelvises into them.

    But neither would I write these things entirely off (just as you're concluding we shouldn't, if I read you right). I've had a couple of cases where I got substantially different effects than I was expecting, only to "come to" and realize I'd selected a different program than I'd intended. The first defining example in my experience was when I thought I'd chosen Banzai Labs' Quiet Mind, to which I've often gotten off, but then had a strangely frustrating "high" that never really went anywhere (couldn't come). When I finished, I looked, and I'd selected Floating instead, which perfectly corresponded to the frustrating experience I'd had. That's when I became personally sure that the results didn't come entirely from a placebo effect, if you see what I mean. (And for what it's worth, I think Banzai Labs' programs are the best in the business, and neither are they making the wilder claims.)

    So now you've got me interested in this BWgen, so I'll go to read about that. You know, Helixer, you and I might be the most enthusiastic "state alterers" in these forums (i.e., thinking of your current prominent thread, alongside your experiences above), so of course I wanna learn about what you've got going on.

    Hey, have you fooled with any subliminal messaging? I've had some great results with those experiments too. And I'm sure I'll have some more questions once I've read up on BWgen - have you ever written up those experiences/practices in their own post/thread?
  • JayT
    Posts: 14
    I've been meditating almost every day for the past two years now. About a year ago somebody gave me some mp3s that blew me away and added a whole new level to my practices. In the stage I'm at now I couldn't imagine meditating without my Binaural Beats. Out of body experince are pretty rare for me (in fact, it has only happened twice in my two years of meditation) but there is no way to describe the whole feeling.

    The first experience I had I actually felt my "spirit" leave my body and I could actually see myself sitting on the floor. Each breath I took my "spirit" became larger and larger until it nearly filled the entire room... it was quite intense. I felt, what I can only describe as an "aura of light" around me for literally weeks after. This has to have been the most profound experience in my personal development journey. In the end, while it was EXTREMELY AWESOME, it has only happened like that once and it was near the beginning of my experimentation with binaural beats.

    The second time happened a couple days ago during my Aneros session. I read a tip that said to concentrate on your tail bone (which btw was VERY useful). I was doing that for about 30min when I felt that familiar "out of body" sensation coming on. This time was MUCH different in that it was more like an "Inner Body". I literally felt as if my Helix was ME. I could articulate is as if is was any other part of my body... it felt joy, it felt euphoria... IT felt everything I felt. I have yet to achieve a Super-O but no doubt this was a push in the right direction and definitely something I wont forget any time soon.

    I've had a great opportunity to use several different programs without a large investment of cash, thanks to other spiritual advisers I've been in contact with. I'll give ya'll the names and a brief review of my experiences with them.

    1.) HoloSync:
    This was the first program I used. While it was a great program to start and "learn the ropes" with, I found it very hard to continue to use the program and make the leap at the HUGE price tag. There are, I think, 10 levels. You use each level for several months before you move on to the next. The main piece that turned me off, other than the mega cash they charge, was that they all sounded EXACTLY the same. The only difference in the other levels was the frequency and tone of the binaural beats. Oh and you have to purchase each level seperatly.

    2.) LifeFlow Meditation:
    This is the program I enjoy the most! Like most programs, this has multi-level progression, level 1 being the highest and 10 the lowest. The cool thing about LifeFlow is that you get the WHOLE package for one price. Each level has different sounds, this is HUGE for me. Level 10 sounds like your in a swamp where level 7, the level I'm on now, sounds like you are in the middle of a storm (thunder is a real turn on for me)

    3.) HypnAerosession:
    This one I enjoy and I like the idea of supporting the community. Considering I have previous experience in binaural, this was a no brainer. This program was interesting indeed and I really enjoy the female voice and trance like sounds. Sadly though, for the same reasons I like the program, I also dislike the program. At times it feel like she is droning on and it's more of a distraction for me than anything. Either way, it's a great price for an excellent product that obviously took a lot of time to compose and compile. If you haven't tried other programs or are not looking to dump mega bills or maybe even lucky like me and have friends with these programs, this is a good start.

    Anywho, that's all from me for now. Hopefully it was an easy read as I understand my grammar is not as good as it can be. I hope this added some value to this thread.

  • Tremelo
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    JayT, to your third paragraph above, YES!, I've been experiencing that quite consistently for ages, as if it were my own imaginary dick within myself, and I intimately feel both sides of "the fucking experience." Not always, but very often. (The challenge in my case is that sometimes the sensations "split" into two concurrent experiences, which is also awesome, but really sail when they come together as one.) I've been wondering how many others experience "the imaginary dick."

    Thanks for adding all your specific notes to the thread - I'll be following up on some of them.
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    I'm a little fucked up so I'll keep it short.
    I don't like using the word re-wired, I prefer (prostate/full body)-awareness.
    It seems when we relax we can hone into those(primordial) sensations with our breath/consciousness much better. Similar to as they say:"when the water is quiet we can see our reflection" I'd say when we're calm we can become aware of beatitude.

    So that to me is the clue to these BWgen ripoffs; it helps relax and quiet the the mind, allowing us to really focus on our body sensations.

    I've always been interested in subliminal programming, especially after reading:"What to say when you talk to yourself", by Shad Helmstetter, but unfortunately I've never been able to find a pirated application for subliminals and I don't want to tempt fate by actually buying it for a few 100 $s. Also the subliminals of the 'prepackaged' type didn't really to much for me, IMO subliminals really have to be tailormade for the person using them if there's any chance at all of it working.

    I haven't really done affirmations for a while, but I do see sense it being aware what you say to yourself and recognising it's important
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    I like my signature! lol
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    Derick - I don't see it.

    Helixer - Okay, I've read up on BWgen now, and I'm pleased that you've got your experience to add to the discussion, even if it's different than mine. So the only thing I'd ask is if you ever consciously tried aiming your awareness of the beats IN to your pelvis. And I only ask because that's exactly what's been so fruitful for me (and I think what's enhanced my discrimination for these different programs altogether). Very cool, btw, that you've fooled with composing your own. I've tried to compose a couple of programs in the Entrainment app, but with only marginal results.

    To your point about relaxation, one additional benefit that I've gained is that by giving my body a rhythmic experience to track, I find my mind can wander quite freely, and I don't have to worry about keeping it trained on eroticism or anything like that. Adding subliminal "dirty stimulus" has even added to that, so that my body can have a profound sexual experience without requiring any arousal concentration whatsoever. This has actually proven very useful to meditating upon my life and issues themselves. Did you ever watch Deadwood? I'm reminded of Al calling a whore in for a blow job while he was trying to game out problems, lol.

    I composed a new "very dirty story" to play down low in my Attractor app this week and have been experiencing the most severe and mind-blowing Aneros flights to date. My Helix absolutely fucked my brains out two nights ago, far beyond anything I'd ever imagined. (As for the beat itself, just a simple 8 to 6 hz progression.)
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    @derick: I'm glad you like it!

    I used to(until my previous pc broke and was forced to buy a pc with windows7) have a program called Reason(propellerhead), a really cool program if you're into electronic music. With this program you had vintage equipment at your disposal which would probably if you'd bought the real analogue version of it would cost you 10s of 1000s if not $100000s. So you could put the different synthesizers, arpeggiators,vocoder, samplers etc in a rack and if you wanted to add echo using the echodevice, you'd turn the rack around and RE-WIRE connecting e.g the synth with the echodevice etc.

    This is why the term itself to me is ERRONEOUS, we don't have to GET REWIRED OR REWIRE, coz the neural pathways are ALREADY THERE, all we have to do is BECOME AWARE of it.
    But if you want to see the sluggish cabling of some machine as a metaphor for (the nonlocality of) your nervoussystem that's up to you, just be aware that metaphors are powerful and can form the reference point, your modus operandi....maybe I just prefer not to think of myself as a robot


    Do you have an app. that you can make your own subliminal messaging?
    if you do perhaps we can trade some warez ;)
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    Your point about re-wiring certainly makes sense. Maybe some word about enlightenment would make more sense.

    Unfortunately (for helping you out), my software is an iPhone app. I recorded my subliminal in the latest (and awesome) update to Attractor. Not to preach iPhone to anyone else, but mine has become my little sound generator. Got almost 30 binaural/isochronic apps, besides generative music programs like Eno's Bloom. And I've even rigged up a system for inputting both my phone and Mac('s porn) into my headphones simultaneously (though I've been enjoying very little porn lately, but did a lot throughout the spring when I had a perfect recliner for it). (Lately though, I just haven't *needed* porn vid, though I still enjoy porn sound in my phone sometimes.)
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    FYI, While the term "rewiring" may seem inappropriate for some of you, it is easier to say (and type) than "neuroplasticity". It is interesting to note the author of the cited definition used the term "rewiring" in his discussion.

    I think for our purposes here on the Forum, the term "rewiring" has been fairly well established through long standing usage. IMHO, we may comfortably use it as an alternative to "neuroplastic modifications"

    Should Aneros packaging contain the following advisory : ANEROS USE MAY LEAD TO SUBSTANTIAL NEUROPLASTIC MODIFICATIONS! ??? Wow, that might scare the hell out of me! :rolleyes: :confused:
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    Maybe some word about enlightenment would make more sense

    I seriously doubt it would.

    Unfortunately (for helping you out), my software is an iPhone app. I recorded my subliminal in the latest (and awesome) update to Attractor. Not to preach iPhone to anyone else, but mine has become my little sound generator. Got almost 30 binaural/isochronic apps, besides generative music programs like Eno's Bloom. And I've even rigged up a system for inputting both my phone and Mac('s porn) into my headphones simultaneously (though I've been enjoying very little porn lately, but did a lot throughout the spring when I had a perfect recliner for it). (Lately though, I just haven't *needed* porn vid, though I still enjoy porn sound in my phone sometimes.)

    Perhaps the reason i-doser works with you is because you use a combination of subliminals AND binaural beats. Man if only.....I'd have loads of ideas, but except for what I read about the stealth advertising of Coca Cola in cinemas I'm completely in the dark about its true potential. I'm a little sceptical to say the least about subliminals. Surely we'd all be supermen if it really worked?

    Perhaps it's just like binaural beats, effective to a limited with the Cola ad, if it's hot and you're thirsty and you've subconsciously registered the ad perhaps then subliminals would work. But like the binaural beats scam-artist that claim that with a subtle difference in hz you can experience xtc or lsd, will claim with subliminals that you can attract true love, money, high(er)intelligence or completely change your life.

    In combination with the meditative state(brainentrainment)so you're hypersuggestible, maybe subliminals can work when you're aroused(thirsty)to really push you over the edge.

    Do your subliminals also work thru the speakers?
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    fyi, while the term "rewiring" may seem inappropriate for some of you, it is easier to say (and type) than "neuroplasticity". It is interesting to note the author of the cited definition used the term "rewiring" in his discussion.

    malfunction, error, error, robot, 2 bad choises,exterminate
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    I don't have any way to combine subliminals with any apps other than Attractor or SubListen, though I'm working on it. So most of my more sophisticated beat programs (and any of my apps which play isochronics through speakers) are on their own. I desperately want to combine subliminals with my Banzai Labs apps, which won't be hard at all once I buy my second iPhone (a 4) this fall. (I need a second one for the other side of the Atlantic anyway.)

    Since you're interested, I'll explain that I've tried playing back my subliminals at three different levels: entirely beneath perception, at the bottom of perception (where I couldn't understand the words if I tried), and lately at the highest level of perception that's *easy to ignore*. That is, I'm too washed away within the beats themselves and my orgasmic state to pay any attention to them whatsoever - my lingual centers are not engaged, as if someone is murmuring directly into my subconscious. As you'd guess, they become more effective as I increase the volume. With this highest setting, I think I'm tapping into principles of hypnosis.

    So if you'd consider that volume to be "breaking" the definition of subliminality, then I'd be entirely willing to agree. I.e., I might be using the word in a fuzzy or improper way (since I've increased the volume to the level where I *could* understand it, if I wanted to).

    As for binaural efficacy altogether, I think the trick for me is that I'm aiming that rhythm straight into my pelvis, which at a minimum is very arousing, and may *possibly* be tuning my entire body to them in a way that makes it much easy for my brainwaves to tune in as well. That's my theory, anyway. I certainly feel the difference between good programs and bad ones, more sophisticated vs. less. Though less sophisticated isn't always bad - a very simple unwavering beat has a relentless quality that can be positive.

    On the "rewiring"/terminology issue, I have no meaningful opinion. (I.e., not blowing off your point, just nothing to say.)