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Assistance for the Pre/semi-wired: When to stop a session?
  • karyonkaryon
    Posts: 34
    This is something of a follow up to my "Minimal Time" query from last week.

    After a few weeks of less than fruitful KSMO sessions (with the occasional even less successful Aneros session thrown in for good measure), I had an interesting Aneros session this evening. I was trying out Cave of Mystery's method for the first time, and about 35m in, I began to have the beginnings of something new: an uncontrollable shuddering/rocking in my pelvis & legs which lasted for about 5 minutes, along with pleasurable sensations. At one point, I felt a wave of surging, expansive energy which began in my torso/pelvis and moved outward. I have a tendency to "push" when I feel effects, so I made an effort to relax and just let it develop, by doing deep breathing. After about 30 seconds or so, the wave receded, and the shuddering faded soon afterward. At that point I felt as though the energy that had built up was unlikely to return (I can't say how I knew this), but I stuck around for another 45m or so, repeating the steps that had brought me there earlier, to no avail, alas.

    So here is my question: would it have been fine/better to have accepted that I'd gotten as far as I might in that session, or pushed on as I did? Until one is "rewired", how do you know when to end a session? While it did not happen tonight, I know that pressing on until time or energy runs out can leave me feeling frustrated, and can negate whatever "progress" seemed to be made in a session, which then creates a vicious cycle of discouragement.

  • I'd say what you did sounds fine to me... I might have stopped after 30 min, but it's a tricky proposition. Those waves of pleasure can sneak up out of nowhere, so giving it a go after that initial sucess is only natural. But then of course... You're chasing something, and you might get a little too caught up in that chase, which can distract from finding that spot again. If you find yourself in that situation again though I wouldn't say relax completely, a little gentle playing, flexing, pushing even, can help define the experience, extend it, flesh it out. Try different leg movements, experiment. In time it will become instinctual. When you shudder like that, I find it useful to tense up some and stretch out, clamp down on the toy with both anal and kegel muscles, and that will generally intensify the involuntaries.

    The reason you probably couldn't get back there right away is because your body was still processing that new experience/stimulation. Wait a few days and give it another round, once it feels it a few more times you should be riding high.