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Update on my situation
  • thecrittathecritta
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    Hi there it has been quiet a while since I have posted in here as some of you may know I have had
    a problem with my rectum whick has caused continueing discomfort and mild dull type pains and they occur usually in and sometimes in small spots or area's sometimes i have a bit of pain at the back of the rectum to either the right side or the left side at about the smae level as my prostate I think all this occured because about a year a go i used a women rabbit vibrator in my rectum and it had a curved tip one of those ones that would rotate and light up and remeber when i used it which was only for about like four or five minutes i had to stop because it felt uncomftable on my prostate and then afterwards a few hours and even days and weeks later i had a bit of pain and discomfort on my prostate which with continual aneros usage didnt help the problem get better at all and then the pain on the prostate went away after about 6 or 8 weeks and just ended up as discomfort on my prostae when using aneros despite all of this i was addicted and simply couldnt not stop using it and i still cant but thing seem to be slightly improving.

    I have made a very good friend in america whose name is chuck who is about the same age as rumel or mayfield he goes by the username chuckjoe hopefully he will see and respond to this post, I talk with him valmost everynight over yahoo chat he is fantastic bloke and he is very unselfish and likes to help others to some of you may know him some of you may not have run into him at some time during a chat event or run into him on the forum, but him and his wife who is registered nurse i forget what state he lives in, anyhow they both know about my problem and have been helping me out a lot with it, we also talk about women and sex a lot which is normal for two straight guys i just think we are both very horny and think about and talk about sex all the time which is quiet normal for a lot of men and we also talk about aneros a lot when we chat we have talked about it heaps everytime we chat aneros is mentioned and we talk about our aneros session via chat everytime we have one chuck has told me has had super O's numerous times before.

    Anyway my major problem is that I had to wait at one satge about 8 months and at another stage 6 months for an appointment to see about my problem with a colorectal surgeon at the Austin Hospital
    repriatric centre where I live in a city called Melbourne In Australia Victoria, here is some information on the city itself for those of you who are unaware of the city or have never heard of it before. It is medium sized city with a population of about 4 million people which is probably relatively small city compared to the size of New York

    Melbourne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Anyways this month on July 16th at 3:20 PM I finally got my chance to get this shit of a problem looked at even though I had to wait just over two hours with heaps of other people and they finally called my name at around 5:30 PM to go into room 20 or something I think it is for me the long agonsing wait was finally over and the fact that i had to wait like 6 to 8 months really annoyed and bothered me I looked for any excuse or way to try and get in their sooner but seem as how I was using the public healthcare funded system the waiting list was quiet long unfortunatly thank god I dont have to woorry about the long wait anymore phew, anyhow when i went into see him he was quiet good actually I sat in there and explained my problem, i explained that i had pain running down my legs and stiffness in my spine occasionally when i would go to bed at night and a few other of my symptoms and i even told him that i had a friend in america who's wife was a nurse, who had worked with men who had hemmaroids and had the same symptom as mine pain down the legs and a case of hemmaroids she thought i might have internal hemmaroids that where not bleeding apparently she said hemmaroids dont always bleed but most of the time they do in most cases, so basically i had a few idea's before this appointment as to what my problem could be i thought it could be a fistula which dont bleed because the one symptom i did not have was bleeding in my stool from my anus at any time and my rectum didnt even bleed when using the aneros despite the pain and discomfort so bascially i was only in their telling him for about a minute about my problem and he without hesitation wanted to examine my rectum he got me to take off my pants and leave my underwear on while he went just outside the door at the back of the small room which was about the size of a local GP's office he came back in the room he told me to lie down on a bed in the top right hand corner of the room with me lieing with my legs slightly bent on my side facing the wall the he put a glove on pulled my underwear past my buttocks on put his gloved finger in and out very quickly i think maybe he was checking to see whether my rectum was full or empty and i think it was mostly empty and after that he went out the door at the back of the room in the middle of the wall and asked another doctor where the sigmoidoscopy is in he put that in my rectum about two or three inches and then he put it up further more near the prostate about five inches up a bit further and all this short time which wasnt even about two minutes and i was suprised at how quickly he did it i could feel him infating the damn thing probably so he could widen my rectum and see up there for any abnormalities and problems and he took it out and didnt say anything for about a minute and
    neither did i and to my god damn suprise this is the most puzzling problem of all he said he found no abnormalities inside my rectum, no hemmaroids no scaring no fustula no nothing which i guess is good news in a way that my rectum has no been severly damaged or injured in anyway but my rectum is pretty loose because i have over the past used eight inch long 5 inch and maybe even 5.5 inch wide and even small dildo's which could have contributed to the probllem that i am having now which not even the colorectal surgeon could figure out what it is and what is wrong with my rectum when i asked him what the problem could be he said "I have no idea" "chucks wife said she has no idea either" what the problem could be. After the appointment me and chuck where thinking it was either a weak rectal muscle or my theory nerve damage to that area that was causing all the pain which I think could have been caused by putting to much pressure on the prostate with that stupid assed womens vaginal clitoral vibrator the only reason i used it is because i thought with the angled head and the rabbit ears i might be able to get it to do the same thing aneros does.

    The biggest mistake I ever made was not coming here and asking anyones opinion before buying it I was to ashamaed and embaressed to come here to ask about advice on use a women sex toy on man which isnt even designed for the rectum or any part of the mans body anyway i didnt really even work or did what i thought it could be at the time i was in the city in the sex toy shop telling the bloke at the counter i was buying it for my girlfirend if only i had one at the time i would have bought it for her and got a great deal of pleaure watching her catapult herself into a multi orgasmic state with the toy.

    Anyhow i have to go back the hospital two more times one time for a CT scan in the next two months and one after that for a consultation or someting with the colorectal sutgeon probably so they can ask and find out how my problem is going.

    Anyhow that is enough for now I will post some more probably tomorrow I might even start another topic.

    Anyhow I hope evryone on the forum is well and taking good care of themselves

    Cheers thecritta
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    hang in there dude - hope things work out!
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    hi critta, we know here on the chat/forum the problem you've been having...glad to see the dr. was able to find out there was nothing abnormal going on and all the gang here is wishing you a full recovery...