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Small problem
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 257
    Hello All.
    I have been low profile for a while. I have been carrying on with the anreos and in the main, enjoying it. I Have had a little discomfort passing water and the doctor put me on Pamsvax XL . It contains Tamsulosin hydrochloride and is similar to Flowmax.
    My ordinary orgasms seem to be very weak with little intensity and the anreos has little effect. I get a few warm surges at the beginning of a session and then it passes off to nothing. The doctor said the capsuls would relax the muscles and ease the urine flow. This is OK but I do feel the loss of the anreos sensations. I intend to try missing out the durg and seeing what happens.
    One other thing. I have noticed that since I started the aneros some 6 months ago, I seem to have lost interest in the general masturbation sessions I used to enjoy so much. During these hour long sessions, I could delightfully enjoy edging ie keeping just below orgasm, and love every touch of my sensative penis. The aneros search seem to have led me away from that delightful pleasure and has not, yet, rewarded me. "Woe, Woe is me for I have been abandoned on left to wander alone on the wilderness.Who will comfort me and lift me up?"
    I think I will write a new book of the bible. I will call it the Book of Geronimo! Any comments welcome. Tomasheen.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Get a fleshlight, some would call it a masturbation tool, but for me it's more than that , it's my first true love ;)
    Seriously it's more coz you''re hand normally just stimulates a part of your penis, when you penetrate with a deep stroke you're getting stimulation over the full length. And it keeps your penis in shape(see Penis NOT). It's a cunt on demand, any time any place anywhere, you can fuck it hard