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Are P-waves the build up to dry orgasm?
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    I really feel like I’m on my way to discovering the holy grail of sexual pleasure. Because of my lucidity during intercourse yesterday I experienced the best sex with my wife I’ve ever had. (My wife enjoyed it very much as well, but we’re still just beginning to discover how she can have orgasms.) I paid attention to all my physical feelings which lead to new discoveries. I’ve had intercourse a few times now since my last traditional orgasm a week ago. I am in a constant state of blissful arousal that I never want to leave, as if my body is desperate for some kind of orgasm! I feel a strong lust for my wife which may be a key to re-experiencing infatuation that one experiences in a new relationship.

    I’m having erections and experiencing P-waves any time I am relaxed and at the slightest stimulation. I believe that if I continue to go without traditional orgasm, I’ll soon have my first dry orgasm. Not only that, it seems I currently have more control of myself to prevent T-orgasm which is actually contrary to my previous experience where going without an orgasm lead to premature ejaculation. I believe it just takes a bit of practice! I’ve even come to speculate that in the ideal world, the only birth control would be simply deciding not to have a traditional orgasm; all men would have that ultimate control and experience Super-Os easily.

    I read in The Way of the Superior Man that during intercourse, one must focus on sending the sexual energy “up the spine” to experience greater pleasure and last longer during intercourse, and as a way to avoid having the sexual energy explode out of your penis and ultimately be wasted and experience a refactory period. I was in disbelief, but I wanted to give this idea a chance.

    First of all, if I stimulate my penis, why is the feeling so tastelessly central to the tip? Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention to the pleasure I may be experiencing in other places. Compared to my increasing experience with strong pleasure waves, the feeling central to the tip is boring. I don’t feel the need to moan, I don’t have involuntary body movements, nothing like what a woman can experience. Also, if I were to stimulate myself to orgasm, the feeling would only last a few seconds, I would then experience a refactory period, no more pleasure, erection, especially no more arousal. (However, someone on the forum using the Aneros shared an experience where they had a prostate orgasm right after a traditional orgasm. Maybe that’s only possible when you are really in tune with yourself).

    I concentrated on any other places I might be feeling pleasure during penile stimulation; no use. Not until intercourse, when I really concentrated on what I was feeling, did I notice sexual pleasure going from the penis to the prostate area to the tailbone! A more full experience. That’s a step in the right direction!

    Actually I’ve been reading/hearing a lot of things lately about moving sexual energy to different places of the body. The concept is still new to me and I was somewhat in disbelief, but time and time again after I read or hear another tip or another experience of sexual pleasure or technique, I have an experience that hints at their possibilities.

    Another example: I read somewhere that one can literally experience their partner’s sexual pleasure. This was another tip I found to be unbelievable. From my experience with P-waves and thinking about this more, maybe it’s not literally possible, but I speculate that pleasure waves can be generated based on enjoying the act of pleasing your partner. As a matter of fact I speculate that you can condition yourself to connect the experience of P-waves to anything. For example, I have a fantasy where I experience P-waves and even a dry orgasm just by holding my wife’s breasts. I’ll be trying to make this a reality.

    [QUOTE=bigguy;88723]Between 2:30 and 4:30 am almost every morning i wake up hard. By gentle spooning against my wife, I will start involuntaries. Within ten minutes i am in full blown super o s. No aneros. I can sustain the orgasm for between 5 minutesand 15 minutes. Nipple stimulation is wired right to my cock. I use it to keep them going. I slide from wave or orgasm to wave of orgasm for as much as 90 minutes. Once i get going dont need to be against my wife I can just sustain them with imagery, nipple stim and contraction. Just did one last night. Not forcing them and just going with the flow and maintaining erotic mental imagery does it. It seems that it woirks best in the middle of the night between those times. I think it has to do with hormone levels. Very hard to do them quietly ...thankfully wife is a very heavy sleeper.

    I made an important realization that many of you probably have made a while ago. The realization came about because I would read experiences on the Aneros forum and some of you would describe your erection in a way that was new to me. I used to think of my erection as the response, not the indication of sexual pleasure! Or as a necessity and something I have to think about or force. “I have to have sexual fantasies to have an erection,” “I have to be stimulated to have an erection,” or “I need an erection to have intercourse.” Now I know that I should enjoy the erection as much as I enjoy dripping precum, enjoy the fact that it is out of my control and, instead of trying to force an erection, pay attention to when I might naturally have an erection without thinking about it, and simply enjoy it, let my body take control.

    Because of this and other realizations, as I was falling asleep last night, I felt like for the first time that I truly appreciated my sexual organ, like I was a child with this awesome new toy, as if I was born yesterday. I was excited for the opportunities that tomorrow would bring to please my wife with it and experience uncontrollable pleasure. I was thanking God for such a great gift, thanking God for life, and thanking Him for a body that doesn’t have any dysfunction.

    Here’s a tip. Pay attention to everything, listen to your body, feelings, and emotions. Don’t brush off subtle experiences as “just your imagination.” Think about it, was it really your imagination? Did you spontaneously feel pleasure without thinking about it? Did you spontaneously have an erection? Did you feel blissful for a split second? These are not your imagination! I’ve had to remind myself of this in the past.

    Also for the first time I was able to look for and experience very subtle p-waves during intercourse (usually for me, P-waves disappear with penile stimulation). Maybe if I tune into these feelings I will eventually experience dry orgasm, moaning, shaking, etc. The benefit of intercourse is that I can get to a place where any tiny movement feels powerful yet I’m not dangerously close to ejaculation. This is the best place to explore what I’m feeling in other parts of my body. I am learning to free myself to shake and moan and let my body take over.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,756
    Search through artform's posts on energy transfer between mates during foreplay and intercourse. Gud stuff and can be very electrical. My wife and I lost that capability over a decade ago (in our early years we did not understand what it was) but we hope to rebuild it.

    Also checkout artform's posts on soft penis intromission. Being flaccid during foreplay proves to be a good deal for a lot of reasons and packing an Aneros helps this. Erection is always an option either with just brain power or chemically, for those of us who need a boost to overpower E.D.

    Aneros use during foreplay gives me a lot of options. I go for the SGX because the sensations it gives me are very constant and steady regardless of my posture or position. MGX, Helix and Eupho on the other hand can provide much more prostate stim but all three tend to be position and posture sensitive. I find it very distracting to loose prostate and anal canal stim at a critical moment when I want to focus on my spouse's needs.

    It sounds like you are in a period of very rapid growth. Cherish all those sensations. Try to keep them sorted out so that you can guide the energy to where you wish it to go. Be very gentle with that 'guidance.'

    As you are experiencing, I now p-wave at low levels of stim. Kissing or brushing my chest against my mate's breasts causes a p-wave in my abs that still radiates into my Dan Tien and pelvis but is aimed more at my penis than at my prostate or generalized pelvic region. (probably typical for a hard-wired heterosexual) On the other hand, during a solo session, brushing my nips with a bolster pillow causes a similar warm p-wave throughout my trunk and it raises the level of intensity in my general pelvic region with and usually triggers a slow series of involuntary anal and rectal contractions that I can synchronize with my breathing. My brain is learning the difference between a bolster pillow and a woman (seemingly obvious but that took several months to develop).

    Your spine pulse sounds great. Some of us have wanted something the size of an MGX or Helix with a K-tab to act as a Kundalini marker during foreplay and intercourse. When Aneros needs a lab-rat to help in the design/testing of that, I'm available :) :rolleyes: :p ;)

    that make sense ???
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836

    You provide a lot of good insights. I completely agree about refraining from wet orgasms, they are so disappointing when compared to a great Super-O. After I have a really good Super-O my body feels very sensual and almost "electric". I can gently glide my finger tips across my chest it feels almost like static electricity. Also, unlike after a traditional orgasm, after a Super-O I feel very peaceful, content and happy.