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Last two sessions went well but I have a major concern regarding both
  • Hi all!
    I have been using the aneros for about three years to enhance my traditional orgasms and its been a blast! Its at the point where every time I'm going to rub one out I'm using one of my aneros toys. I would typically insert my aneros and then start masturbating while watching porn, really going to town. I probably started a handfull of sessions without penile stimulation or porn but after about 10 or 15 minutes I would just go back to my standard approach. I wasn't really serious about the hands free approach and only dabbled in it a little bit. I've gotten to the point where the hands on approach is getting kind of boring and I want to explore the world of the hands free orgasm. My left hand is going to get some much needed rest! So I have changed my sessions so that experiencing the much coveted super-o is more likely. I read through the wiki and numerous posts to determine what changes I could/should make. So far I have two sessions under my belt using the new approach. During the sessions I listened to the hypnaenero cd which I think is a great help. I love the woman moaning on the second CD while I f@#k
    the s*&t out her (in my mind at least).
    During the first session I had some good feelings such as a warm feeling in my anus, groin and abdomen. There was also a little bit of anal twitching (one twitch here and there, not a series of them). I kind of forgot to continually do contractions during this session so I didn't really get to far along. It was a fun and interesting experience though and definitely different than all my previous sessions. Surprised I felt anything.
    I thought the second session went better than the first. I was able to get some involuntary anal twitches going several times for a short period. One of the times this happened I was able to keep them going long enough where I felt a felt a warm feeling from my abdomen (or groin?) emanate out down to my knees and up to my lower chest or somewhere around there. This was after a good amount of involuntaries. Felt somewhat pleasurable, better than the feeling I get when I hold a contraction. This happened only once. Is this a precursor to a p-wave? I found maintaining the involuntaries to be tricky.
    So overall I thought the sessions were fun and interesting. I am surprised that there were pleasurable feelings without touching my penis! It's all very different and foreign to me right now.
    The one major concern I have is the fact that in both sessions as the good feelings increased my scrotum tightened up and seemed to get tighter as the feelings became more pleasurable. At first I didn't think anything of it but after giving it more thought I started to think that it is a very bad omen that means I will end up having a hands free ejaculatory orgasm (The bane of aneros practitioners!) during my sessions where my scrotum does what it was born to do. Having read the wiki and numerous posts on the forum I don't recall any one mentioning a tightness in their scrotum during a session. So my question for everybody is do you ever experience some degree of tightness in your scrotum during a session and don't end up ejaculating hands free? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.


    P.S. This is my first post evah to the forum.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Welcome, wintermute007! I wouldn't be all that concerned about hands-free wet O's; they're all good. I've experienced several over the last couple of years, and one or two dry O's. I personally go by the addage, "if it feels good, do it." Right now, I'm going through a dry spell, so I envy your progress.
  • Hey dude thanks for the advice! I do need to just have fun with this experience and not worry about anything. Don't envy me, I'm just a newb stumbling around. You'll get out of your dry spell.
  • QuoVadisQuoVadis
    Posts: 30
    Dear Wintermute07,
    I have grave concerns when an artificial intelligence claims orgasmic experiences.
    I suspect you are either attempting an online Turing test or reaching a Horse of another color.
    I look forward to seeing Aneros sections arranged in a shadowbox.
    Welcome to the clan.
    Yours in Gibson;)image
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi wintermute007,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    First, let me thank you for purchasing my "HypnAerosession" guided Anerosession. I believe repetitive use of this resource will make it even more effective in quickly getting you to the relaxed mental state necessary to experience the Super-O.

    Second, I applaud your desire to explore the path toward the Super-O. You will need to re-learn some of your approach to orgasm owing to your three year use of the Aneros as a masturbatory aide, but if you are disciplined and patient the rewiring can be accomplished.

    I don't think you need consider the natural tightening of your scrotum a "...very bad omen..." In the process of male sexual arousal as a man approaches orgasm the cremaster muscles begin to contract pulling the testes up tight to the body prior to the onset of an orgasm and ejaculation. This is quite normal and nothing to be concerned about, in a small number of men this can be the precursor event to a hands free ejaculatory orgasm, but not necessarily.

    There are some who believe that if one restrains this tightening action the onset of ejaculation is retarded. This is one of the motivations for use of Testicle cuffs in BDSM play. This is something you may wish to consider employing if you do, in fact, experience a hands free ejaculatory orgasm. Until that happens, I think you can allow yourself to enjoy all the varioius sensations your body produces in this journey toward your Super-O. You may be unnecessarily concerned about an event that may never occur.

    P.S. I sent you an introductory PM with some additional hints and tips to get you started.
    You can also see it if you visit this Blog entry.
  • Hey thanks for the suggestion regarding the cuff. I hadn't
    thought of that. You are right though that I
    shouldn't worry about it since it would possibly
    take the fun out of my sessions.
    Had session number three last night which
    I found to be enjoyable. Had more involuntary
    contractions which seemed to be quicker than
    last time. I think I had them with less effort as well.
    Had a couple of full body p waves
    as well! At one point my anus seemed to
    draw the aneros in by itself and then I had some
    involuntaries and my abdomen tightened up on
    it's own, or at least it seemed that way. It all felt
    really good! It's tough to remember exactly
    what happened but what I'm trying to say is
    that there are a lot of new sensations that I am
    feeling and it is all very
    fun and exciting. It seems like my body is becoming
    more used to the aneros. I feel that the cd is a great
    aid and I am certain that I would not have felt
    some of the things I did if I didn't have the cd. So
    thank you for making it.