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Lube Shooter
  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42
    Here is a new link to what I think is a new product. I thought those that make their own lube might find it useful.

    Blowfish: Lube, Condoms, Supplies: Water-Based Lube

    As always prices will vary when I checked other sirtes

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I didn't know it was back on the market; last thing I knew, the company went out of business, and their website was closed down. I've had one for at least three years. Another one that is almost identical to the Lube Shooter is the Lube Launcher by Trinity Vibes, and can be found here:

    Buy Lube Launcher (Blue) At

    There's not much difference between the two, except maybe some ergonomics and price; pick the one you like best.