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Had an interesting dream, is my subconscious onto something?
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    I'm slowly discovering the importance of being intune and also developing the ability to feel pleasure in the perineum area. I read a tip just now explaining you should massage the area daily.

    So a few nights ago I had a dream (heheh... this is kinda funny/embarrasing) that I was using my synthesizer to electrically stimulate my prostate. I was able to do so because I was playing a computer game and I won, so my prize was electro-stimulation. My only experience with electro-stim is from the slightest touch which didn't get anywhere (but I think it could). Also, I haven't gotten very far with the Aneros yet, but not giving up! Anyway...

    Took a cable from my synthesizer, placed it on my perinium (in dream, now, don't forget! :) ) and immediately I felt short pulses of intensely pleasurable electricity, maybe like intense P-waves one after the next, a blossoming feeling from my pelvis. After a few, precum started bursting out of me with each pulse; my dick was hard, jumping up and down uncontrollably. I was moaning and even crying. I've never even come close to that in real life. (This dream was extremely vivid, perfectly replicating my living room studio, btw I'm also an avid lucid dreaming...)

    The feeling was euphoric. I felt that I had an unlimited ability to experience pleasure because there seemed to be no build up to orgasm and no need to have some kind of release release where I can't experience anymore pleasure. The dream was short and I wanted more, but that the same time I was satisfied, like it wasn't too short.
  • plantationplantation
    Posts: 253
    hello you buy a 312 AND EROSTEK and your dream will become a reality
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    That's pretty cool Korkelz! Lately I've been awakening to dry orgasms while I'm having lucid sex in my dreams. I'll be orgasming in the dream but it always ends up waking me. I need to figure out how to stay asleep. As long as your conscious, it does't really matter whether your lucid dreaming or awake. It still feels great!
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Hey Plantation, might you explain further what and where these products are?

    edit: Plantation is French, I'll be communicating with him via PM if we can communicate through Google Translation. Hmm...