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What would you classify this as?
  • About 45 minutes into my last aneros session I started getting some intense feelings. My breathing increased in pace and then I had a feeling of warmth that started from my lower abdomen. This feeling of warmth radiated outward to my chest, neck and down my legs. It was as if this warmth washed over me and then was gone. Once that happened the session pretty much ended, the pleasureable feeling seemed to have plateaued and I couldn't get a feeling like that going again. What was that feeling? I'm sure many of you are familiar with it and I don't know what the terminology used on the forums for it would be. The other question I have is how do I build on that feeling to keep the pleasure coming?

  • artformartform
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    Congratulations liquidflow! :D

    Sounds like your body awakening to your bio-energetic energies potential and their early experiments with you and your sensing these energies. Relax, deeply, and just be open to them happening again in varied forms, as part of your prostate awakening. Have you any feelings specifically at/in your prostate at this point? The energies can manifest as orgasmic (Jing, in Taoist terms), general life-force (Chi or Qi in Taoist terms) and/or spiritual (Shen in Taoist terms), and not necessarily in that order. They will likely develop further as your system rewires gradually and they and you become more familiar with each other! :D Eventually, you may well become able to access them at will.

    all the best journey as you relax and let it happen as it chooses all