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A Question About Hemmaroids
  • Hi there as all of you may know i have a serious problem in my rectum affecting the area
    around around the prostate, anyway yesterday i tried using one of my dildo's and i had a
    bit of discomfort after using it, but last night i woke up and had a lot of pain in my rectum
    around the prostate it feels like muscles is damage torn or either my problem is swollen
    irriated or inflamed i have no used a prostate massager for two and a half months but
    not using it doesnt seem to make any difference the problem is still there it doesnt seem
    to be healing showing any signs of major improvement i even considered going to see
    a private colorectal surgeon about my problem but i found out that in Australia it would
    cost $1500 just to have a small camera on the end of tube to llok up there and see what
    the problem is, i have been to a different doctor to the one i been seeing and when the
    problem originaly first began it makes no difference whatsoever they cant help me i have
    been to this different doctor two times already in the past week and the last time i went
    i saw a female doctor and she said i would have to wait six and half months on the public
    health system and i found out by phoning the Austin hospital because i lost my appointment
    letter and the told me that my appointment with the Austin hospital colorectal surgeon
    IS JUST A CONSULTATION so this means i will probably have to wait a matter of a couple
    of more months after the consultation to get my rectum looked at and now i have made it worse
    again and there is more pain than there has ever been before so i highly doubt at this stage
    whether i will ever be using aneros ever again let alone anything else up there there seems
    to be just to much damage whatever the problem is, i am sick of waiting for this appointment
    sick of continually harming myself every few months again and again and again it is simply
    to much for me to control and be able to handle this problem is to powerful for me and i cannot
    control it i am simply %100 powerless over this problem i have no control and everyday for the past
    two weeks i have spent every second of everyday thinking "when is it going to get better, when is it going to go away?" this problem has been driving me insane it does my head in and i am in so much emotional
    pain trauma i cant handle this problem anymore, after what happened yesterday i have suicidal thoughts
    i imagined driving a car down the highway and slamming it into a tree at high speed i want to be able to stop using any devices up there whatsoever but the evidence in my posts and my continually repeating cycle says it isnt possible i am just to addicted to using things up there, how embaressing it is to admit this fact, i hate myself for what i have done, this repeating cycle of relapsing is no different to someone who is a practicing alcoholic and keeps drinking there is no end to this and there is no easy solution
    i cannot just simply make a decision to give up using aneros andmaybe some of the other stuff not sure about the other stuff.

    I want to make clear first the dildo that i was using is kind of large and it quiet long but it is not
    really really thick it did not stretch my anus really wide actually it didnt even stretch it at all
    there is no blood bleeding associated with this problem which makes it really puzzling and hard
    to figure out what this problem is it is just pain soreness swelling i think it was just the friction
    of the dildo passing by rubbing the effected area that has made it worse sore.

    I have been speaking to forum and aneros memeber chuck and his wife is a nurse and i have spoken
    to him a real lot about this problem and he has tried very hard to help me with this problem
    and he has told his wife that i have had pain running down my legs and in the calf muscles
    and she thinks it could be internal hemmaroids and the doctor has also said it could be as well
    this is why is really need to see the colorectal surgeon to see if it is isnt internal hemmaroids
    and chucks wife said internal hemmaroids dont always bleed.

    So what i was wondering is does putting pressure on hemmariods cause them to become
    painful irritated swollen or sore? Would the rubbing effect of a dildo cause this pain?

    Also does anybody know of any non bleeding anal rectum problems that could become very sore
    swollen irritated or inflamed if touch or had pressure applied to them?

    This problem of waiting to see the doctor and not knowing what the problem is, is driving me insane
    and is killing me and the fact that the problem has made no significant progress over the past two months is driving me as equally as insane and i dont think i can handle this problem anymore i cant cope with it for another six months it is too much for me to handle and there is nothing i can do whatsoever except wait to be seen by a doctor and try not to use anything up there which was working quiet well until i decided to be a completed fucking fool moron again.

    I wish i never had this problem in the first place and wish it would get resolves just go away i keep i sometimes keep asking myself why does this happen to me, because everything is always about me me me fucking me and the only reason i have this problem is because i have an addcitive alcoholic nature
    which i hate and resent to death i resent and hate being and alcoholic and wish i was just like all of you
    NORMAL not addicted to aneros so oh well anyway so much for using aneros ever again.

    Thanks for all the help as usual you guys have been of great support through my problem and thank you

    Cheers thecritta
  • Critta-

    I sent you a PM, do you have private massages turned on?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    In case you don't receive PMs, try this.

    It seems to me that you are in urgent need of medical treatment and shouldn't wait for the system to catch up with you.

    First up, go to your GP. Bury any embarrassment and tell him/her that you need to see a Urologist as soon as possible. You may not even have to see a surgeon at all.

    It sounds as if you live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne but there are other hospitals besides the Austin. You might be better to try the Royal Melbourne Hospital, but your GP should be able to point you in the right direction.

    I do hope that is some help and my best wishes to you.

  • [QUOTE=The_Bishop;85880]Critta-

    I sent you a PM, do you have private massages turned on?

    Yes i received your private message which has made me even more distressed not your fault really but really do hope you are
    wrong in that it will take a year to heal hell i cant even stand not using aneros or anything else for that matter of fact for two months
    so how am i ever supposed to go a year oh god help me i am really screwed to no end if you are right, and the other thing you said
    please clarify this for me you said i should throw out all my dildo's and aneros toys, do you mean i should simply give up this sexual activity
    until it heals or are you suggesting i just give up using aneros and anything else up there entirely forever please clarify what you mean because
    i cannot simply just give up using aneros for ever the dildo's i will be able to live with i dont care about them nearly as much so please tell me
    what you mean dont be afraid to clarify the last part of the message you sent to me, oh year and as far as seeing another doctor i doubt whether
    they will send me to another hospital or make an earlier appointment with the Austin hospital because they are just a bunch of A-Holes like the
    screwed up under funded public health system an absolute outrage not only to myself and other people fancy making someone wait over 7 months.