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Is Benzalkonium Chloride safe for the Aneros?
  • I wonder if Benzalkonium Chloride is safe for the Aneros? It's indeed a chloride.

    It's found in the common cheap lubricant ACO Glidslem found at Apoteket (swedish pharmacies) and is used as a disinfectant. Don't ask me why.

    It don't seem very safe for humans though, though hopefully it's present only in very low amounts, and it's used for rectal samples/(exams?) so one would assume it's ok but maybe not any good on a daily basis. Stupid to cheap out with toxic stuff. I guess that may be why they don't sell it as the normal "intimacy" lubricant.

    But now I already have a bottle, wanted to know if it was any good and didn't knew what the ingredient was at the pharmacy.
  • The ACO page seem to have information for professionals regarding the usage (ultra sound exam, gynecological use and for rectal samples), Apoteket mention using it for getting a catheter into a continent stoma. Guess it makes sense to make it disinfecting for the later purpose.

    Guess that consume less of it than using it for the Aneros or anal sex though.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    A couple of thoughts.

    Even FDA certified injectibles contain very small amounts of toxic substances intended to extend shelf life by discouraging growth of bacteria or fungi. Quantity of the substance and frequency of exposure is what counts. If something is used on a regular basis, pick your 'poison' carefully.

    Cyclic maneuvering of the massager tends to 'rub' the lube into rectal tissue and increases the absorption compared to a simple lube job to insert a catheter or medical appliance.

    For example: My lube choices are limited by a sensitivity to glycerin. When on travel I use Slippery Stuff Gel (blue label) which has a minute amount of a known carcinogen. Were I to use it, regularly, several times a week I'd give their 'parabens free' a try and maybe switch to that. (at home I use a shea butter based lube).

    Rumel's natural jelly is compounded in a double boiler where temperature control can 'pastuerize' it, killing off the more serious 'uglies.'