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  • Hey everyone,

    I swear I'll start a blog soon so I won't be posting on here everyday. lol.

    I wanted to share some of my new experiences with everyone though.

    Yesterday, I decided to do another session even though I had initially thought that I would skip it in anticipation of my Progasm arriving today. I'm very glad I did though! There were some very positive developments including more sensitivity, more control and more relaxation. I ended up finishing myself off and it was pretty great.

    I did, however, have anal sex last night as well. You would think I would have been worn out from my session, but instead, I was craving it even more. The Aneros leaves me wanting more constantly and actual intercourse seemed like a great way to end the night. Just from a couple days' worth of practice, I have gained so much more control over my body that it made the experience that much better for myself and my partner. The muscle control I gained definitely improved the experience for him and my newfound abilities to zero in on my prostate and the pleasurable feelings allowed me to go MUCH longer than I usually am able to, but at the same time made it feel even better.

    Today my Progasm arrived and so did the Hypnaerosession CD. The Progasm looks beautiful! And from what I've listened to of the CD so far, it seems like it will be a very positive addition to my repertoire.

    I am going in with no expectations at all. I'll post more on this thread later today after I've tried out my new toys.
  • Sounds like you have the right mind-set.
    Good luck with future sessions. :)