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  • I think I"m making some major progress with rewiring. I did three sessions yesterday, which I know is considered overkill, but I think it's the way I'm gonna learn. Each session built on the previous one and allowed me to keep what I learned fresh so I could apply it. That makes six sessions total: three a day, two days.

    During my second session yesterday, I decided to manually ejaculate and did so standing up. The involuntaries were rocking the Aneros like crazy and it felt great! It gave me a better understanding of the mechanics of what was supposed to happen. I also kept the Aneros inserted while I urinated and stopped and held the contractions to stop the urination. Great exercise to build muscle awareness.

    For my third session I actually found an oral syringe and modified it to use as a lube applicator. Boy did that make a difference! There was tons of movement and the MGX became very responsive to my contractions. Still though, I don't feel like it's hitting the exact spot it needs to, but that point could be moot tomorrow. I'll come back to that.

    Well, last night as I was sleeping, I was actually rocked heavily by some major involuntaries. My body absolutely flipped and it felt pretty good. Compounding that great feeling was the satisfaction that I'm making progress. I was finally starting to understand what everyone was talking about.

    All day today, I've felt light pulsing from my prostate and a warmish glow. My head swims a little bit and I've noticed extra sensitivity on my skin. When I've done ecstasy, I've always had tremendous sensitivity under my chin, and that happens to be an erogenous zone on me during sex as well. I may also be having traditional anal sex tonight, and I get that warm feeling in my stomach as I anticipate it. I've seen this feeling described by many people on here and I'm glad to make that connection. So today I am going to give the MGX a rest and focus on the subtle feelings that I've come to recognize from practice.

    One thing I've done a lot of during my rewiring process is to just walk around with the MGX inserted. I do laundry, cook, watch TV, study, use the restroom, etc. I never knew how much my sphincter contracted during these everyday things, but having the MGX inserted, I was VERY aware.

    Back to the moot point about prostate stimulation. My Progasm arrives tomorrow! I am very excited and not in the least worried about the size. I've measured some of my old toys and the Progasm should not be a problem. I've also thought back to some exes I've had and their live equipment and again the Prograsm will not pose a challenge.

    I think this forum is great and I've appreciated everyone's feedback and posts about their personal experiences. Hopefully I'll have something wonderful to report tomorrow after testing out the Progasm. I'll be going all the way: Hypnaerosession CD, warmed lube and Progasm and lube insertion. Should be fun. :)
  • Great post, you should start a blog!