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Aneros History?
  • heydudeheydude
    Posts: 16
    On the Aneros Basics page, there's a link for the Aneros History, but it shows a blank page for me. I'm actually kinda curious about this. Will that page ever get filled in?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    When the WIKI was first being assembled, this was originally going to be titled simply “History” but this conflicts with a software tab title that exists on each WIKI page. It was subsequently re-titled “The History” (on the navigation menu) and the page was re-titled Aneros History.

    We were going to attempt to write a synopsis of the history of prostate massage/stimulation through time. Unfortunately, none of us has been able to devote the requisite time to research and document the information. Any member who is so inclined to create/generate this background information for submittal and inclusion in the WIKI is encouraged to do so.

    As far as your specific question – “Will that page ever get filled in?”, I don't know the answer but hopefully it will be “yes”. Care to take a shot at it?
  • I remember reading a brief history a year about or so about the aneros on another web site. I can't remember which one....but it's out there!